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Everything you need to know about university applications: academics, extracurriculars, high school self-study, post COVID-19's impact on application and more.


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Perfect your Personal Essay for Top US and UK Universities!

Learn how you can write the perfect personal essay and strategically differentiate yourself from the masses of other qualified students.

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Plan Your Bus/Econ/Fin Studies In The US & UK!

Find out how a student in Thailand can get into Harvard, Oxford, UPenn, and more for a degree in Business, Economics, and Finance!

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Extracurriculars: What It Takes to Get into Top Universities

Extracurricular activities account for about 30% of your application! Find out how to design a unique extracurricular strategy!

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What Do Admissions Officers From Top UK Unis Look For?

Learn the "secret to success" to conquer desirable universities, such as Oxford, Cambridge, King’s College, UCL and beyond.

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Get into Med: First Step to Becoming a Doctor!

Learn more about your medical school options in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand!

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Meet Some Of Our Expert Speakers

Speakers at our webinars come from all over the world. They have studied or worked at the best universities and are eager to demystify the journey into top universities as well as inspire you during these difficult times.

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