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Mentors who know exactly what admissions officers are looking for
Pursue your passions outside of school and differentiate yourself
Excel beyond the classroom and challenge yourself to achieve your dreams
Mentors who support you and your decisions to build confidence

Create an unforgettable college application with the support of Crimson mentors.

Extracurricular activities demonstrate your passions and differentiate yourself from the pack. These often forgotten application components can be the difference between acceptance and bad news. With our guidance, you’ll choose activities that align with your goals, passions, strengths and weaknesses, showing admissions officers that you’re a multi-faceted candidate who constantly pushes themselves to be something more.

What you get:

An extracurricular mentor will guide you in strategically selecting a portfolio of activities to help you become a well-lopsided student and college candidate.

This includes a lesson plan where you'll develop ideas, take practical next steps and end up with a project that accentuates your community impact and passion.

Transform your application with the right activity