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Secure your Dream College With the SAT Mastery Course

Over 1000 students have boosted their SAT score with our unique SAT course taught by top-tier Ivy League alumni.

Our course guarantees a minimum score improvement of 150 points. Learn more below.

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How we help you reach your SAT score targets:

In addition to full access to Crimson’s  AI-based test prep platform and extensive resources, students also receive:


Guaranteed SAT score increase of 150 points.


Live, online small-group tutoring on an unlimited basis by top-tier Ivy League alumni.


Comprehensive breakdown and analysis of your strengths and weaknesses.


Strategy and timeline designed to reach your SAT target score.


Dedicated mindfulness session to combat test-day nerves and ensure peak performance.

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Introducing the SAT Mastery Course

During the course, you will receive structured guidance to improve your subject-knowledge and test-taking strategy. By the end, you will have mastered the concepts, techniques, and strategies required to ace the SAT. You can focus on the English Only option to boost your performance on the Reading and Writing sections, or choose a comprehensive course covering both English and Math. You can choose to attend multiple classes covering the same topic unlimited times.

SAT Subscription Calendar

English Classes

F 9 E 01 D 7 F Efac 4 Aaa 81 E 5 23863 Ba 5 D 772 1 201 A

Math Classes

A 67 Eaa 27 7 E 99 4 C 36 983 C B 8 B 02243 D 901 1 201 A

English classes are conducted on Saturdays from 10 AM – 12 PM and 3 PM – 5 PM.

Math classes are conducted on Sundays from 3 PM – 5 PM.

You can take and repeat as many classes as you’d like. For example, if you sign up for the May course, you are still most welcome to attend classes leading up to the August SAT as well.

Why choose the SAT Mastery course?

Flexibility and Unlimited Access to Classes

  • You’ll receive intensive, online, small-group tutoring on an unlimited basis by **top-tier Ivy League alumni.
  • You can repeat classes as many times as needed— for example, if you are taking the August SAT, you are welcome to start even as early as May.

Data driven performance feedback

  • Progress with regular testing, which breaks down different question types and provides detailed explanations.

  • Access instant feedback on your performance from our specialised algorithm.

  • Follow each session with tailored exercises to consolidate the progress with each session.

  • Using this data, tutors will focus on your areas for improvement to make your study time as efficient and as effective as possible.

Understand exactly how you are tracking to achieve your goals!

Proven SAT strategies for success

  • Crimson offers a detailed, all-encompassing curriculum designed by test preparation experts.

  • The SAT Mastery course breaks down the SAT’s Critical Reading, Writing and Language, and Math sections into question types and patterns that capture every skill students need to ace the exam.

  • Lessons in Crimson’s SAT Curriculum have been carefully designed to help students learn the exam’s key “question types”, or the unique phrases and language that appear in SAT questions.

  • Each lesson is followed by a comprehensive homework assignment designed to consolidate the key learnings of that lesson.

  • Tutors correct and provide feedback on the student’s homework through Crimson’s tried and true Progress Tracking System.

Mindfulness sessions to ensure peak performance

  • Students are provided with a bonus one-hour mindfulness session to overcome examination nerves and ensure prime performance.

Access to extensive test-prep resources

  • Crimson’s online test prep platform is built into the Crimson App, enabling students to practice for the SAT from the comfort of their own home. It’s user friendly and time-regulated, just like the real SAT!

  • Crimson Practice Test Review includes 5 practice exams tailored to the curriculum, with question types that correspond precisely to the real SAT. Students will receive access to 5 full-length, proprietary SAT practice exams developed by Crimson.

  • Your tutor will share three additional study-resources with you that summarize every type of question on the SAT and provide critical guidance on how to write the essay—yours to keep!

Secure your spot in the course.

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Crimson Tutors have all scored in the 1550+ range and have coached 1000+ students to SAT success!

Top scores are more than just memorising a textbook. Our expert tutors pass on the winning strategies that give the highest-achieving students an edge.

Our Unique 5 Component Approach

Critical Reading

Crimson’s SAT course kicks off by showing students how to dive deep into a text and pull out the parts that the SAT is really testing for!

Each class is aligned to assigned core readings a student could expect to see on test day, and in each new session, students will apply 3 new strategies to each different type of tricky question! Some of the texts students will learn to systematically annotate are:

● Frankenstein ● Roosevelt ● Women’s Rights Amendment ● Letter from Birmingham


Our SAT programme takes a foundational level of mathematical understanding & turns this into a methodical approach to the 12 different types of questions in the test.

Following the steps of analysis, interpreting, and solving, students will understand which approach will land the correct answer in any scenario. Targeted homework and further testing picks up any areas of weakness across the group for further focus.

The question-types studied in this unit are:

● Arithmetic and Algebra problems ● System of Linear Equations ● Imaginary and Radical Numbers ● Statistics and Probability

Writing & Language

Crimson’s approach ensures students learn key concepts of English grammar at an academic level before moving to intensive strategy. Students learn these questions through process of elimination and systematically understand the underlying tricks through analysis of each question type.

Each lesson includes thorough debrief and troubleshooting, as well as comprehensive homework and follow-up questions. Some of the areas your tutor will focus on are:

● Command of Evidence ● Structure and Syntax ● Rhetoric and Style

Crimson Practice Test Review

Having completing the first 3 units, students will have the opportunity to consolidate their knowledge by completing 3 full-length Crimson SAT practice tests that emulate the SAT's exact format. Tutors provide feedback on key areas of weakness and the Crimson App presents instant grading breakdowns & detailed explanations.

College Board Practice Test Review

Students wanting further practice will complete 8 College Board SAT practice tests, including 4 actual tests from past exams. Tutors will continue to assist students by perfecting their test-taking strategies and matching the accuracy of their answers with increased speed.

Our students have access to a dynamic model of individualised tutoring under SAT experts from Crimson’s global network of tutors. Our tutors maintain instantaneous communication and consistent feedback through the Crimson app. Crimson’s test prep platform reports how well a student is doing and highlights areas of strength and weakness.

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Speak with a Crimson advisor

You can either email us at singapore@crimsoneducation.org or WhatsApp us by clicking on the link below.

Hear from Crimson Students & Parents

Minimum Score Guarantee Policy:

Students are guaranteed a score increase of 150 points, up to a maximum score of 1500, provided they fulfil all of the following: Student must purchase the full package of both English & Math classes and attend every session at least once. Student must complete at least 6 official Collegeboard tests and 5 Crimson practice tests and report these scores. If the student does not meet the minimum score improvement upon their first try at the test, they must resit at least once.