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Everything you need to know about getting into Cambridge or Oxford.

The ultimate guide for students in Singapore.

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What's covered in this eBook:

  • Detailed information on Singapore specific-timelines, entrance exams and supplementary requirements for Oxford and Cambridge applications
  • Interview tips for Cambridge and Oxford
  • Tips on building your candidacy for from Sec 3/ Grade 9 onwards.
  • Insights on choosing between Cambridge and Oxford (you can only choose one!)
  • UCAS personal statement guidance, including sample essays from real Oxbridge admits
  • Real case studies of Singapore admits to Oxford and Cambridge
  • Admissions FAQs answered by a Former Oxford Admissions Officer; and more!
Crimson Education

Tips from a Former Oxford Admissions Officer!

This eBook also includes a section where Hannah Rowberry, a Former Admissions Officer at the University of Oxford, answers all your burning questions about studying at Oxford or Cambridge.

She covers questions on application “dos and don’ts”, what admissions officers want to see in personal statements, what kind of extracurriculars Oxbridge applicants should have, and more!

Hannah Rowberry

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