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Maximise your time during NS and get into your dream university!

National Service may seem like a 2 year pause on your educational journey - but it doesn't have to be! Make the most of your National Service with these tips from other NFS who utilised their extra time to get into schools like Cornell, Cambridge, UCLA, and more. Download our infographic today!
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The silver lining of National Service

Having to serve National Service means you start your university a little later than your peers…but the 2 years you spend in NS don’t mean that you have to fall behind! Hear from some fellow NSFs who made the most of their time in NS to write incredible personal essays, engage in extracurricular activities, take college-level classes, and more!

Check out our guide to maximise your time in NS, and hear more about:

  • Top tips and advice from NSFs who utilised their NS time to get into top US and UK universities
  • How to find time to engage in your interests during NS
  • How NS can help bolster your personal essays, extracurriculars, and more!

Download the free infographic now!

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