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From Singapore to Oxbridge, Warwick, UCL, Edinburgh and beyond!

These Singapore-based students got into the most competitive universities in the UK. Find out how you can too!

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What you'll find in this eBook:

Last year, applications to Oxford and Cambridge increased by a whopping 14%. In Singapore alone, applications to top universities like Warwick, King’s, LSE and UCL increased by 6% - but the number of seats available remains largely the same.

It’s increasingly difficult to stand out among thousands of other qualified applicants - especially as an international student. However, these Singapore based students, Brandon and Mandy, beat the odds.

Read this eBook to find out how they did it - and how you can too! Find out:

  • their strategies and recommended timelines for securing offers at top UK universities
  • tips on preparing for the Oxbridge panel interviews
  • the challenges they faced on their application journeys - and how to avoid them
  • how to maximise your application timeline if you’re a Singaporean male serving National Service
  • their advice for other UK  applicants!
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Hear from our amazing Crimson students from Singapore!

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