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With the support of Crimson’s expert sports and academic consultants, you can improve your SAT/ACT score, get scouted and score a sports scholarship to a US college that is right for you

Are you a young athlete who wants to access the best college sports programs in the world? Then you’re going to need to talk with someone who has first-hand experience of life as a US college student-athlete. You can unlock your superstar potential with our coaching, consulting and support team - all of whom have "been there, done that". Tell us what your sport is, and we’ll give you the best opportunity to gain a scholarship to a US college, regardless of your financial background.

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Receive world class support from sport consultants who have not only earned a US college degree but have played the sport they love at an elite college level. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping up-and-coming athletes like you to break into the US college sport scene.

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