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Kate Lee

US Strategy Consultant


University of California Berkeley
BSc in Molecular Cell Biology

**University of Southern California
**Masters in Occupational Therapy

Sanusha Sritharan - Crimson Education
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About Kate

Kate was born and raised in the Bay Area, California. She went to UC Berkeley for her Bachelor’s Degree in Molecular Cell Biology. After spending a year in Taiwan to learn Chinese, she obtained her Master’s in Occupational Therapy from the University of Southern California. As a graduate intern for the Global Initiatives division at USC, she launched the first Summer Occupational Therapy Immersion program, gathering students and therapists from all over the world to experience living and working in the US as international practitioners. She also had the opportunity to perform in university chamber music concerts with Thornton music students as a cellist. She later moved to Shanghai where she began her career as an education consultant, helping students to gain admissions to top universities in the US and the UK, such as Stanford, California Institute of Technology, Cornell, Duke and Cambridge. 

As applying to colleges can be a very daunting and stressful time for students, Kate enjoys helping them to cultivate positive and confident mindsets so that they can fulfill their potential and experience the best possible results.