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Alex Hui Bon Hoa

Senior US Strategy Consultant


New York University
BA in Psychology and Creative Writing

Sanusha Sritharan - Crimson Education
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About Alex

Alex Hui Bon Hoa was born and raised in Hong Kong. He attended Hong Kong International School and German Swiss International School where he completed the iGCSEs and A-Levels. After graduating from New York University with a Bachelor degree in Psychology and Creative Writing, he spent a year mentoring impoverished college students in China where he discovered his passion in helping students achieve their academic aspirations. He returned to Hong Kong and worked with middle and high school students as an admissions counselor to gain acceptances to top US boarding schools and universities including Stanford, UPenn, Cornell, Emory University, USC, NYU, the UCs and more.

After a few years, he moved to Vietnam in the hopes of using his experience and knowledge of the US college admissions process to help students from a lower socioeconomic status study abroad in the US. In two application cycles as an admissions counselor team leader, he was able to help students not only achieve acceptances to top-tier US universities but also receive substantial financial aid packages and scholarships.

After working with children of all ages who come from different cultural backgrounds, Alex knows that forming a close connection and building positive rapport with students is the pathway to success. All of his students regard him as not only a mentor they can depend on, but also a big brother they can turn to for support and advice. Some may say the journey is faster if we go alone, but Alex inherently believes that we can go much further if we go together.