What’s the best university for studying computer science?

Posted 2 months ago

Celebrate Data Privacy Day by discovering if MIT, Stanford or Cambridge take the top spot!

Data Privacy Day is celebrated on the 28 January, and it may have you wondering about all the pieces of data that have been collected about you over the years. You could be curious about how these websites and organisations have collected, stored and use this information.

Some of you might go one step further and wonder about the career opportunities available at companies such as Google and Facebook that collect and store all of this data (hopefully) under lock and key.

Take a look below at the top five computer science schools in the world (based on the QS World Rankings) that will help you get employed at the big tech companies.

5. Cambridge University

Location : Cambridge, UK

Bachelor of Computer Science

For undergraduate students, the degree is called the Computer Science Tripos where after the third year, students receive a BA Honours Degree and those that qualify to be accepted into the forth year receive a Master of Engineering in addition.

Considered to be a pioneer in Computer Science (and still to this day), Cambridge is home to Silicon Fen; the area includes over 1,000 specialist computing and advanced technology companies and commercial laboratories.

With over half of Cambridge graduates going on to work in the computer industry, many others have taken their knowledge and founded companies in Silicon Fen.


4. University of California, Berkeley

Location: Berkeley, California, USA

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science Or Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

UC Berkeley offers two avenues through which students can study computer science at the undergraduate level through both an arts and engineering stream. While there is no true difference in the computer science components of both streams, what other subjects students study will differ, and students enjoy a choice between the flexible arts requirements, or the further STEM background of the engineering.

The programs seek to teach students the fundamentals of computer science that will serve them in a range of careers or future studies, such as software engineering, web development, data analytics, consulting, graphics, animation and entrepreneurship. The modern and practical method of study allows students to master algorithms, programming, computer design, databases, AI and language processing.

3. Carnegie Mellon University

Location: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Carnegie Mellon, the private and global research university in Pittsburgh ranks 5th for computer science & information systems, with its own dedicated school to computer science.

Their B.S in Electrical and Computer Engineering is known for being continually relevant to the changing face of computer science, aligning their courses and projects to the needs and interests of today. In addition to fundamentals such as programming, language, circuits and software engineering, the university is known for its advanced neural-technology and security & privacy courses.


2. Stanford University

Location: Stanford, California, USA

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Stanford’s computer science program allows its students to study areas such as programming, AI, biocomputation, computer engineering, graphics, and systems. Additionally, the latter half of the degree and honours program allows students to focus on flexible programs or personal projects.

Thus, the degree’s focus on innovation makes it is no surprise that Stanford computer science graduates are famous for their entrepreneurship and the Silicone Valley companies they help create, including Brian Acton (WhatsApp), Joe Lonsdale (Palantir Technologies). The program also aims to prepare students for other careers, such as in government, law, and the corporate sector, as well as graduate study.

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1.Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering

MIT’s has ranked no.1 in the QS World Rankings for Computer Science & Information Systems studies consistently over recent years, and their computer science program is world renowned.

The intensive program includes units in programming, software construction and AI, as well as innovative electives in areas such as database systems, language engineering and microcomputing. MIT graduates of this degree have also come to shape the computing landscape of today, including Robert Metcalfe, co-inventor of Ethernet, and Drew Houston, co founder of Dropbox.

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