I got into Harvard!

Posted 3 months ago

Congratulations to Crimson’s Class of 2024 on their outstanding Early Round acceptances!

That loud cheer you heard around the globe yesterday was the staff of Crimson’s 20 offices celebrating their students’ #Accepted results in the US early admissions round.

The news came in by phone call after phone call, text after text, email after email, as Crimson students reached out to their Crimson teams to tell them what they had been waiting to hear all year: that their hard working students had gained acceptance to Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, NYU, Northwestern, NYU, Fordham, John Hopkins and many more.

This is on top of the offers already given to Crimson’s UK admits who have been granted conditional and unconditional spaces at Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, LSE, UCL, King’s College London, St Andrew’s, Edinburgh University and many more. (Conditional offers are offers pending the students’ submission of their final school grades.)

Even more amazing is the courses these students will be studying - just some of which include:

  • Engineering Physics, Mathematical and Computational Science at Stanford

  • Linguistics at UCL

  • Chemical Engineering at Birmingham

  • Information Science at Cornell

  • Law at Exeter

  • Philosophy at King’s College London

  • Film at New York University’s Tisch School Of The Arts

  • Mathematics at Oxford

  • Mechanical Engineering at Duke

  • Physics at the University of Manchester

  • Economics at UCL

  • Engineering at the University of Minnesota

  • Philosophy at Cambridge

  • Engineering at Imperial College London

  • Business at New York University

  • Pre-med at Washington University

  • Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Warwick

  • Artificial Intelligence at the UNiversity of Birmingham

  • Economics at New York University

  • Psychology and Neuroscience at King’s College London

  • Law at UCL

  • Interactive Media Arts at NYU

  • Biology at Imperial College London

  • Computer Science at the University of Minnesota

  • Chemistry at King’s College London

  • Chemical and Biological Engineering at Cornell

  • Business at New York University

  • Pre-med at Washington University

Finally, we feel this reaction video from one of Crimson’s students in Thailand opening his offer letter from Stanford, sums up how we all feel hearing the exciting news from our students around the world!

Congratulations everyone, and good luck to all our regular round students submitting their applications in January!


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