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Princeton Withholds Admissions Stats For Class Of 2028

11/05/202413 minute read
Princeton Withholds Admissions Stats For Class Of 2028

Princeton University has withheld admissions statistics for the Class of 2028, the third consecutive year. However, last year’s reporting in The Daily Princetonian and school officials' projections about slowing growth after a brief period of expansion, suggest an acceptance rate of around 4.5%. For the past five years the number of applications to Princeton has increased steadily, with acceptance rates declining as a result. Despite the school’s expansion projects and recent plans to increase enrollment numbers, the school remains highly competitive.

Princeton’s Acceptance Rate for the Class of 2028

Princeton University has once again chosen not to release admissions statistics, this time for the Class of 2028, marking the third consecutive year that the University has withheld this information on Ivy Day.

Despite the lack of official data, an analysis of past application numbers, yield rates, and reporting on officials' plans to level off student enrollment growth suggest that the acceptance rate for the Class of 2028 could be around 4% percent.

In December 2021, Princeton announced that it would no longer release admissions data for early action, regular decision, and transfer admissions cycles, citing concerns that such information may increase anxiety levels for prospective students and potentially discourage some from applying.

While the University still reports admissions data to the Common Data Set and the College Scorecard, it has shifted its focus to sharing demographic information related to enrolled students. In contrast, other Ivy League institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Brown, UPenn, and Columbia continue to release their admissions statistics on Ivy Day.

Princeton Overall Acceptance Rate
Class ofAccepted StudentsNumber of ApplicationsOverall Acceptance Rate


The overall acceptance rate at Princeton is down from 5.78% five years ago, to 4.5% two years ago, and to an estimated 4.5% for the Class of 2028.

However, it's important to remember that the overall acceptance rate tells only part of the story...

Regular Decision (RD) admission rates at Princeton are typically about a full point lower than overall rates. By comparison, students who apply in Princeton's early round could benefit from an acceptance ~3x higher than the overall acceptance rate.

Students aspiring to get into Princeton will want to think about these differences as they decide on a strategy that best fits their personal goals and circumstances.

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Class of 2028 Regular Decision Acceptance Rate

Given the limited figures provided by Princeton, it's difficult to gauge the Regular Decision (RD) acceptance rate. Historically, however, the RD rate has been about one or two percentage points lower than the overall acceptance rate.

In 2020 (Class of 2024), the last time all figures were reported, the RD acceptance rate was 3.71%, down from 4.87% five years earlier.

For Princeton's Class of 2028, our strategists estimate the RD acceptance rate is around 3.3%, about 35% lower than the estimated overall rate of 4.5%, and provides a more accurate reflection of the real level of competition you face when applying RD.

Class of 2028 SCEA Acceptance Rate

Princeton offers applicants the option of applying early under a relatively rare form of early-round admissions known as Single-Choice Early Action (SCEA). Similar to the more common Early Action policies at many other universities, SCEA is non-binding. SCEA, however, prohibits applicants from applying to other early programs at any other US private college or university.

With Princeton providing limited figures, we can only estimate the SCEA acceptance rate for the Class of 2028. Based on past figures and trends, Crimson strategists estimate the SCEA acceptance rate to be ~11.7% for Princeton's Class of 2028 (estimated 680 SCEA applicants admitted out of an estimated 5,800 SCEA applications).

Although based only on estimates, it's clear that SCEA applicants are contending with a much smaller applicant pool, compared to RD applicants. In fact, the SCEA acceptance rate we've estimated for the Class of 2028 at Princeton is ~3.5x higher than the estimated RD rate.

Over the past decade, Princeton University has experienced a significant shift in its admissions landscape, marked by increasing competition and a steady decline in acceptance rates. As the number of applications continues to rise, let's take a closer look at the trends shaping Princeton's applicant pool and the implications for prospective students.

From the Class of 2013 to the Class of 2027, the number of student applying to Princeton each year has increased incrementally. Across a 10-year span the number of yearly applications has grown from about 26,500 to 39,644, an increase of nearly 50 percent, highlighting the growing interest in the prestigious university.

In recent years, Princeton's rankings have improved, and the university is now regarded as one of the best Ivy League schools, on par with Harvard. This recognition has likely contributed to the surge in applications as more students aspire to join its esteemed ranks.

As the number of applications has risen, the acceptance rate has concurrently declined, making admission to Princeton increasingly competitive. For instance, the acceptance rate dropped from 10.06% for the Class of 2013 to 4.5% for the Class of 2027. This steady decline demonstrates the heightened competition for a coveted spot in Princeton's incoming classes.

Additionally, starting with the Class of 2025, the University adopted test-optional policies, which may have contributed to a surge in applications as more students felt encouraged to apply without the pressure of standardized testing scores.

For prospective students, these trends highlight the importance of a strong and well-rounded application. As competition intensifies, applicants must not only excel academically but also showcase their unique talents, extracurricular involvement, and commitment to community service.

Despite the competitive landscape, aspiring Princeton students should not be deterred. The University remains dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive student body, and every applicant has a chance to become a part of the Princeton community. By focusing on presenting a compelling application that reflects their passions and strengths, students can navigate the competitive admissions process with confidence.

Princeton's Accepted Student Profile: A Shift Towards Gender Balance

A noteworthy trend has emerged in Princeton University's student profile in recent years. Starting with the Class of 2021, more women have been admitted than men, signaling a shift towards gender balance in the prestigious institution. This change came about after a nine-year trend of more male applicants dominating the applicant pool.

In the 2021-2022 admissions cycle (Class of 2026), Princeton saw a significant shift, as more women applied to the University than men for the first time, and among total admits, women had about a 7% edge over men. Despite this progress, Princeton still had the second-lowest number of female applicants among the Ivy League colleges. This indicates that there is still work to be done in encouraging more female students to apply to top-tier institutions like Princeton.

This shift towards a more gender-balanced student body is a positive development for Princeton and the Ivy League as a whole. As the University continues to uphold its commitment to diversity and inclusion, it is essential to ensure that students from all backgrounds and genders feel welcomed and encouraged to apply.

Princeton's focus on admitting a diverse student body is evident not only in its gender balance but also in its efforts to attract applicants from various socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities, and geographic locations. The university has been a QuestBridge partner and 'match' school since 2006, and school officials report that since that time Princeton has has "matched with hundreds of [QuestBridge] scholars.

By fostering a richly diverse student population, Princeton creates an environment where students can learn from one another's unique perspectives and experiences, ultimately enriching their academic and personal growth.

As Princeton continues to build on this progress, prospective students can look forward to joining a vibrant and diverse community that values equality and inclusivity. With ongoing efforts to support underrepresented groups and promote gender balance, Princeton's accepted student profile is poised to become even more diverse and dynamic in the years to come.

How to get accepted into Princeton?

Getting into Princeton University requires more than just stellar academics; it demands a well-rounded and compelling application that showcases your unique strengths, talents, and passions. As the competition grows fiercer each year, applicants must demonstrate their commitment to academic excellence, extracurricular involvement, leadership, and community service. With Princeton's holistic approach to admissions, the ability to articulate your personal story and demonstrate what sets you apart is crucial to success.

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