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UWash Tops List of Big Tech Jobs | This Week in Admissions News

13/01/20235 minute read
UWash Tops List of Big Tech Jobs | This Week in Admissions News
The world of college admissions is ever-changing and for students with top university ambitions, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest developments. This week, US News & World Report released its list of the 100 Best Jobs. At the same time ValueWalk released data on which universities the big tech companies hire from the most. Check back next week to see what’s new and noteworthy in university admissions!

University of Washington Tops List of Big Tech Jobs

Getting a job post university is one of the most important aspects of a college education. And if you are looking to work for one of the big tech companies, going to certain universities will improve your chances. According to a study by ValueWalk, graduates of the University of Washington are more likely than graduates from any other US university to work at one of the world's biggest tech companies. Based on LinkedIn data, 16,343 graduates work at one of the world's most valuable tech companies. UC Berkeley, Stanford, USC and UT Austin are the other top choices. Consequently, California’s universities have the most alumni working at big tech companies.

In related news, Amazon has more employees (18,661) that graduated from a prestigious Ivy League university than any other of the most valuable tech companies. Accenture comes in second place, with 14,397 graduates. Microsoft and Huawei ranked as two of the least elitist tech giants in their hiring practices with only 3,300 and 2,624 alumni from Ivy League colleges, respectively.

University of Washington graduates are the top choice for Amazon and Microsoft. In fact, University of Washington alumni have a 264% greater chance of being hired by Microsoft than the 2nd best university, Georgia Institute of Technology. Stanford University alumni are the most likely to get hired by Google and Apple. Facebook predominantly hires University of California--Berkeley alumni (1,102 alumni).

At the same time, the US News & World Report released its list of the 100 Best Jobs. Considering the popularity of working at tech companies, it is no surprise that Software Developers topped the list with a median salary of $120,730. Nurse Practitioner, Medical & Health Services Manager, Physician's Assistant and Information Security Analyst rounded the top 5 list. The median income for all these five jobs was above $100,000. Careers in tech and healthcare have shown to be the best for growth in demand in another recent study as well. Financial Manager was the only non-tech and -health job in the US News’ top 10 list. 

For the list, jobs were ranked based on if they pay well, challenge year after year, match talents and skills, aren't too stressful, offer room to advance throughout careers, provide a satisfying work-life balance, and whether a position is in demand. 

Other top stories in admissions news this week:

  1. Enrollment remains the biggest risk cited by colleges and universities for the fourth year in a row, according to the 2022 Top Risks Report from United Educators, Inside Higher Ed reported. Data security ranked second for the third consecutive year. Recruitment and hiring jumped from 14th place to third, and student mental health—broken out in the survey for the first time this year—ranked fifth. The risks of sexual misconduct lost urgency; Title IX fell to 10th place, down from third place in 2019–20 and eighth place last year. And sexual misconduct, which includes sexual harassment and abuse, dropped to the 18th spot.
  2. The Biden Administration has proposed new rules to ease student debt, US News & World Report has published. Under the proposed new rules, which would have to go through the regulatory process, individuals making $30,500 a year – meaning those making $15 an hour – would not have to make monthly payments on their federal student loans. The most generous programs now for borrowers in an income-driven repayment plan max out at $20,400 annual income for a single individual, officials said. Biden, who pledged during his campaign to ease the student debt crisis, has run into roadblocks with Congress, which has not provided the funding he wants for student aid, and the courts, which have put a hold on his executive action to cancel up to $20,000 in student debt.
  3. South Dakota’s public colleges and universities have the highest median ROI at $217,000, according to ROI, or return on investment, is the amount a student can expect to gain financially from each individual degree at a university. Other high ROI states are Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, and Pennsylvania. The poorest-performing states were Hawaii, Montana, Louisiana, Connecticut, and New Mexico. High-ROI states commonly have a well-developed technical college system. A preponderance of career-oriented majors at four-year schools also plays a role.
  4. The Pie News reports Netherlands’ education minister has requested that universities in the country halt the recruitment of international students due to pressure on teaching staff, facilities, and accommodation shortages. This request includes a “complete halt” to international student recruitment activities, with the exception of targeted recruitment for specific programs focusing on regional sector shortages in healthcare, science, and education. Many stakeholders have already opposed the parliamentary motion, including a group of university chairs whose letter was published in the daily newspaper NRC.