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Want to learn how to get into Australia, New Zealand & the UK's best medical schools?

If you're interested in studying medicine this webinar is for you!

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Date: Saturday, July 24th

Time: 01:00pm AEST / 03:00pm NZST

Location: Check your inbox for your personalised Zoom link

Are you preparing for medical school?

You are invited to join fellow aspiring medical students at MedView’s free information session designed to help you understand how to successfully gain admission into medical schools in Australia, New Zealand and the UK!

Why You Should Attend Online

If you're interested in studying medicine or starting your preparations to medical school, this is the webinar for you! This webinar includes everything you will need to know about how to get into medical school and tips & tricks for success!

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Webinar Agenda

We will do a full-body CT scan of the hurdles to medical school and dissect the requirements to help you build a study plan for success!

  • Why choosing a career in medicine might be right for you
    Information about applying to medical schools in Australia, New Zealand and the UK
  • Acceptance requirements for medical school
  • Insights into the academic life of a medical student
  • Comprehensive and strategic tips on successfully gaining admission into medical school
  • Common misconceptions about getting into medical school and life as a med student
  • Q&A!

This webinar is for the whole family, and we recommend both students and parents attend online

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