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The ABC's of SAT's!

Join our FREE virtual event to learn all about standardised testing in the USA and how the SAT/ACT landscape is changing. Wednesday 18th May, 6:00pm.








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Join the standardised testing event of the year!

Open your future to a world of possibilities by joining hundreds of students from across New Zealand at our online event; The ABC’s of SAT’s.

Discover how to ace your SAT’s, ACT’s and more! Find out why some US universities are going test-optional, what that means and how it could affect your application!

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Wednesday 18th May, 6:00pm.

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01. SAT/ACT Breakdown

Speaker: Krissi Schumacher

Time: 06:00pm

About the session:

Make yourself comfortable and don’t forget to take notes! Top university consultant Krissi Schumacher will breakdown SAT and ACT testing and offer valuable insights into how to prepare for each!

02. The Changing Landscape

Speaker: Krissi Schumacher

Time: 06:30pm

About the session:

After a comprehensive breakdown of standardised testing, Krissi will address the changing landscape of testing across US Universities, explain what “test blind” and “test optional” mean for your application and why the changes that are happening across America right now affect your application.

04. Q & A

Speaker: Panel Discussion

Time: 6:45pm

About the session:

This is your moment to ask our expert Krissi any burning questions you have about standardised testing and your own application.

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