Enhance Your Future with the Unlimited Possibilities of a Double Degree!

Join our webinar to unlock the secrets of interdisciplinary degrees and how they can catapult you into a future ripe with possibilities and novel solutions.

Thursday, May 30, 2024

7:15 AM CUT



Are you intrigued by the latest advancements at the crossroads of dual degrees?

In a world where innovation is paramount, merging disciplines offers unprecedented opportunities.

Discover the transformative power of integrating diverse academic fields can create an innovative career path.

Learn how blending the principles of explicit fields like Chemistry with the innovation of Biotechnology and the pragmatism of Engineering can broaden your academic horizons and enhance real-world applicability.

Don't miss this rarely discussed topic and embrace the possibilities when studying dual degrees at top worldwide universities.

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This isn't about studying more; it's about learning smarter!

Embrace interdisciplinary paths and become the architect of tomorrow’s solutions. Register now for our webinar and begin your journey to becoming an innovation icon.

Tailored for high school students and parents eager to delve into the possibilities for students who study at the intersection of academic disciplines.

Advance your Career Outcomes With a Dual Degree

An interdisciplinary degree doesn’t just mean you graduate with knowledge; you step into the world as a pioneering problem solver. Explore how an interdisciplinary academic pathway widens your career prospects and makes you a prime candidate in a competitive job market.

Address Complex Challenges with Creative Solutions

Discover how a dual degree will help you navigate the complexities of today's global challenges solving issues with interdisciplinary strategies. Learn practical applications of interdisciplinary studies in addressing complex real-world problems.

Meet Your Speaker

Chemistry PhD Professor David Buisson

  • MBA, MIT: Sloan School of Management, Class of 1984 
  • PhD in Chemistry, The University of Auckland 
  • Emeritus Professor and Emeritus Dean, The University of Otago 
  • Dean School of Business and Pro Vice Chancellor University of Otago NZ 
  • Founder and CEO of Buisson Consulting & Investment Co.
  • Head of Operations at The Hargraves Institute 
  • CEO of Clovelly Estate Ltd.  Clovelly Estate 
  • Chair – EQUIS Accreditation Panels – Business Schools throughout the world  EQUIS
  • Currently a consultant in Educational Consulting, Leadership, Development and Design Thinking  
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