Elevating Your US College Application with Extracurricular Capstone Projects

Join Professor David Buisson in this exclusive presentation for students passionate about ideation, innovation and leadership.

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

7:15 AM CUT

Online (Zoom)


Want to stand out from the rest at application time?

An exceptional extracurricular profile can make that happen!

Learn how an extracurricular Capstone Project can improve your college application results.

Join our FREE workshop with renowned Crimson Consultant and Chemistry Ph.D. Professor David Buisson.

Join our webinar to learn how to create a standout Capstone Project that demonstrates your leadership abilities, benefits your community, and impresses Admissions Officers.

You will learn:

  • What are Capstone Projects and why are they important?
  • Crafting standout projects that are impactful and memorable and elevate your extracurricular profile.
  • Capstone Roadmap: master the art of ideation, building, and pitching successful ideas.

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Meet Your Speaker

Professor David Buisson Crimson Consultant

Meet MIT Sloan School of Management Graduate and professional Business and Educational Consultant Professor David Buisson.

David is driven by a deep passion for student development in entrepreneurship and a relentless challenger of the status quo.

His expertise is a dynamic blend of innovation, design thinking, leadership, international marketing, and product development, making him a true expert in his field.

Tip! Stay until the end to take advantage of the LIVE Q&A. Be prepared to take notes and bring your burning questions to the table!

Martin Walsh, Former Stanford Admissions Officer

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