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RNZYS Member Benefits: Crimson Education

As a RNZYS member, you are entitled to a complimentary consultation with a Crimson university admissions advisor. Whether your child is aiming for Harvard, Oxford, Toronto, Zurich, or has no idea, this complimentary consultation will explore how your child could get accepted into one of the best universities in the world.


Offers to Ivy League universities


Offers to Oxford & Cambridge


Offers to the US Top 50 universities


Offers to the UK Top 10 universities

Your child could be setting sail to top overseas universities including Harvard, Oxford, & Stanford

Crimson Education is the world-leading service for undergraduate and postgraduate admissions support. Our students are, on average, 4x as likely to get into top universities around the world due to our personalised model, which pairs students with a team of top university experts who work with students 1:1 to create and polish every part of their application

Find out how your child could be setting sail to Harvard, Oxford, Stanford

Common Questions to Ask During Your Session


  • What year should my child start preparing?
  • How can I help my child choose the best degree for them?
  • Which curriculum and subjects would be better for international universities?
  • Is my child good enough for Ivy League, Oxbridge or Top Universities in Europe?

Admission strategy:

  • How can my child make their application stand out?
  • What are the best strategies to get into a great university overseas?
  • NZ universities vs. overseas universities: which is best for my child?


  • What are the best universities in the world for Law, Political Science, and International Relations?
  • What does my child need to do to get into those programs overseas?
  • Which are the best STEM (engineering, computer science, etc) programs?
  • What does my child need for an MBA in the US or UK?

Get these questions and more answered in your free session.

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Book Your Complimentary Consultation for RNZYS Members

During this consultation, a Crimson university admissions advisor will discuss your child’s goals, answer your questions, offer initial advice, and suggest how Crimson can support you on your journey.

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