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Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, or Yale? Class of 2023 Admission Results Incoming

MAR 13, 2019 • 12 min read

Crimson Students
The wait is almost over for the many thousands of students around the world awaiting US college admission notifications!

In the next few weeks, all US universities, including the Ivy Leagues, will be telling each and every one of their applicants for the Class of 2023 whether they were #Accepted or not.

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Back in December many students were told if they had been accepted, deferred or rejected to their first choice universities in the early round, but now, as regular decision notification dates approach, students will finally know the answer to the question:

Where will my college home be for the next four years?

If you have ever wondered exactly how students are notified by the colleges they have applied to as to their application status, it goes something like this:

1. On the pre-released notification day for your chosen university (universities) you await an email telling you that there has been an ‘update’ to your portal.

2. Many universities release, not only the date - but the time of these releases (for example, all eight Ivy League universities will notify students at (or slightly after) 5pm on March 28 (American Eastern Standard Time).

3. Once you log in to your portal (which was set up when you submitted your application). You will see a new tab that says ‘view update’.

4. You click on the ‘view update’ tab and hold your breath until…

Every university has a different way of congratulating their admitted students: some reveal a page of glitter or streamers or balloons, others simply reveal a large CONGRATULATIONS. Still others present you with a letter which you must read until your eyes finally find the words that explain...


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Of course, not every university accepts every applicant and some students are not rejected, but waitlisted until further notice.

The main thing to remember is, the university that accepts you is the one that really thinks you will have the best four years on their campus.

After recieving thier acceptance letter, students then have until May 1 to confirm acceptance to their chosen university.

To all the Crimson Education students - a huge GOOD LUCK! Here’s to another year of successful admissions. (Crimson Education tracks at a 99% admission success rate for their students with their students gaining entry to at least one of their top 8 US university choices.)

For a full list of the latest regular decision admission notification dates, see below!

(Scroll down to see MIT’s admissions notification date. Can you guess why they would release on this day at this exact time?)

Class Of 2023 Regular Decision Notification Dates

**University Date
American University **April 1
**Amherst College **April 1
**Babson College **April 1
Barnard College Late March
Bates College By April 1
**Bentley University **Late March
**Boston College **April 1
**Boston University **March 23
Bowdoin Early April
Brandeis April 1
**Brown University **March 28 5pm (AEST)
Bryant University Mid-March
Bryn Mawr College End of March
**Bucknell University **Mid-March
**Caltech **Mid-March
Carleton College March 22 at 8pm (AEST)
**Carnegie Mellon University **No later than April 15
Claremont McKenna College April 1
Colby College April 1
**Colgate University **By late March
College of William and Mary By April 1
**Columbia University **March 28 at 5pm (AEST)
Connecticut College Late March
**Cornell University **March 28 at 5pm (AEST)
**Dartmouth College **March 28 at 5pm (AEST)
Davidson College March 20 at 9pm (AEST)
Dickinson College Late March
Drexel University April 1
**Duke University **April 1
Emory University By April 1
Fordham University April 1
**George Washington University **By Early April
**Georgetown University **April 1
Hamilton College March 20
**Harvard University **March 28 at 5pm (AEST)
Harvey Mudd College Mailed April 1
Haverford College Early April
**John Hopkins University **March 15 at 3pm (AEST)
Kenyon College Mid-March
Lafayette College Mailed Late March
**Lehigh University **Late March
Macalester College March 30
**MIT **March 14 at 6:28pm
Middlebury College March 23 at 8am (AEST)
Mount Holyoke College April 1
**New York University **April 1
**Northwestern University **Late March
**University of Notre Dame **Late March
Oberlin College April 1
Pomona College April 1
Pitzer College April 1
**Princeton University **March 28 at 5pm (AEST)
**Rice University **By April 1
Skidmore College Late March
**Stanford University **April 1
**Swathmore College **March 15 at 7pm (AEST)
Syracuse University Late March
Trinity University April 1
**Tufts University **By April 1
**Tulane University **April 1
**University of California, Berkley **March 28
**University of Chicago **Begins March 1
**University of Michigan **April
**University of North Carolina **End of March
**University of Pennsylvania **March 28 at 5pm (AEST)
University of Southern California April 1
Vanderbilt University April 1
**Villanova University **By April 1
**Wake Forest University **By April 1
Washington University April 1
Wellesley College Late March
Wesleyan University Late March
Williams College By April 1
Worcester Poltechnic Institute April 1
**Yale University **March 28 at 5pm (AEST)

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