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Want to learn more about what it takes to get recruited to some of the best college sports programs in the US? Watch our special College Women's Sports Scholarship video book now!

About This vBook

Every year, hundreds of Kiwi students end up at schools across the NCAA and NAIA, training in the most elite facilities and competing in front of huge crowds, all the while earning an undergraduate degree.

But with thousands of students competing for limited scholarships, it could be time to hit the books as hard as the training ground to improve your chances of getting recruited.

So how exactly can you make sure that you stand out? Watch our vBook to find out:

  • The advantages of a US college undergraduate degree
  • A detailed breakdown of the US Athletic Recruitment process
  • Academic and athletic benchmarks
  • Navigating NCAA Eligibility requirements
  • How to secure scholarship funding

*Looking for College Men’s Sports Scholarship? You can watch the video book here!

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