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Have you got what it takes to secure scholarship funding and get recruited to study and play college sport in the United States?


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Meet Some Of Our Students

From Christchurch, Hamilton and Queenstown to the best universities in the world

Why Crimson?

Our recruitment experts understand that Kiwi athletes can feel intimidated, confused or lost about where to start when looking at applying to US universities.

At Crimson, we offer a free one-on-one consultation with a Crimson Advisor to help you start your journey. Our athletics team consists of former Ivy League coaches, admissions officers and successful college athletes who have all experienced the recruitment process first-hand.

How does Crimson help?

Whether you’re aiming for top-tier universities or wanting a best-fit college, our programs are designed to help you reach your full potential. Supporting you with every aspect of the recruitment process, from NCAA Eligibility and coach connection to scholarship negotiation guidance, application support and Standardised Test tutoring.

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Meet Some Of Our Athletic Strategists

Crimson’s expert tutors and mentors are graduates from the world’s best universities

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