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Find out the top 50 high schools in NZ for gaining entry to the best universities around the world.
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Crimson-QS Best NZ Schools 2019

Crimson Education and QS World University Rankings have teamed up to determine the best schools for gaining entry to top-ranked universities.

Top 8 NZ Schools for 2019

For getting into top-ranked universities

About The Rankings

Crimson Education in conjunction with QS World University Rankings:

In a first for New Zealand, QS World University Rankings and Crimson Education have partnered to present a review of secondary schools’ academic performance, extracurricular opportunities and equal access.

The Crimson-QS Best Schools in New Zealand for getting into top-ranked universities 2019 list has resulted in a mix of private and state schools as well as single-sex and co-education schools in the top 10.

The secondary school ranking list released by university admissions and mentoring company Crimson Education following its partnership with QS World University Rankings, draws on its experience in working with a global pool of top-performing students who year on year continue to secure admission to the world’s most competitive universities, including: Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, UChicago, Oxford, Cambridge.

QS & Crimson Rankings
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Crimson-QS High School Rankings

“With competition increasing among students in New Zealand who are applying to world leading universities, students are focusing on developing their leadership and social impact experience through capstone projects and social entrepreneurship.”

Jamie Beaton

Crimson Education Founder & CEO

QS & Crimson Rankings
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The only high school rankings based on readiness for university

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