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25 JAN 2020

10 reasons why having a mentor can help you reach your dream university

A mentor is someone with skills which you don’t (currently) possess, who you can learn from and develop with. At Crimson we have a global network of inspirational mentors that have attended, or are still attending, the very universities our students are aiming for. These mentors not only provide expert advice on every element of the application process, they also provide helpful tips and advice based everything they have learned through their own personal experiences. So beyond that caring expert input, what else can you gain by having a Crimson mentor? Here are ten reasons why mentors can lift you to success.

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1. They have inside knowledge

Want to know what all Crimson mentors have in common - they have all studied at some of the world’s best universities. From going through the application process themselves, to knowing the best places to eat on campus and what the best clubs and societies to get involved with, our mentors are a book of inside knowledge. They’ve also helped hundreds of students successfully gain admission to their dream university, so they understand what admissions officers are looking for and are 100% committed to helping each student build the best application possible.

2. They help improve your communication skills

You may consider you have mastered the art of writing, but do you know how to portray yourself, and more importantly what parts to portray in the application? The benefit of having a mentor means that you can bounce ideas off them as to how best to communicate what you are trying to say. You may have some great ideas, but if they aren’t communicated well, all those hours of hard work you have put in may fall short. A mentor can help you become confident with how you communicate and show the admissions officers exactly who you are and what you can bring to campus.

3. They’re your #1 cheerleader

We all have good days and bad days. A Crimson mentor can relate to the challenges their students face as they attempt to balance study, extracurriculars, general life and their university applications. Basically, they get it because they have been there before! They are there to help you develop a plan to tackle these times and while they won’t promise it will all be ‘rainbows and butterflies’, they will be there to listen and help you get through these challenges while keeping your eyes on the prize.

4. They help educate you

Want to know what studying at a world leading university is really like? Then you are in the right place when it comes to engaging a Crimson mentor. Research is important but there’s nothing that beats talking to real experience. Our mentors know the application process of the US/UK inside out, as alumni of world leading universities themselves. They can talk to you about finding the best fit when it comes to navigating the US/UK plethora of options you have and helping you find where you will thrive academically, physically and emotionally.

5. They help you develop a skill

A mentor’s goal is to help you develop a skill, which currently may be a weakness such as; public speaking or writing skills. Highlighting to your mentor what you want to develop assists them in being able to craft a plan to get you to where you want to be. It is also a great way to ask your mentor about the skills they are working on and hoping to improve - you never know, you will most likely be inspiring them along the way and teaching them something new!

6. They help you focus

If you are finding it hard to prioritize or focus on a particular task, such as getting a strong score on your SAT or writing an essay for your application, this is where your mentor can help you to focus! Crimson mentors work with students to set out their pathway to gaining admission to their dream school and, utilizing the Crimson App, they can help you map your own personal timeline discerning which elements to prioritise over others. Learn more about how Crimson helped student Allie gain admission to Duke.

7. They give you subjective advice

Sometimes it is good to have opinions from someone who isn't family, friends, or your school teachers or counsellors. While they only want the best for you, when it comes to studying in the US/UK, you need to enlist the help of experts, and that’s where Crimson mentors step in. They will listen to you subjectively and give you another way of looking at the application that you may not have considered before. When you are so focused on something, you may find that you tend to get tunnel vision, which could lead to you missing out on elements that will only add value to your application.

8. They expand your network

Being able to have your own mentor essentially gives you access to people in their network. Have a passion of pursuing a certain extracurricular but not sure where to start? Are you entrepreneurial and have aspirations to gain international momentum with a project? Crimson mentors are located all over the world and with that comes their own unique network where they can utilise resources to help other Crimson students and connect them with those that are like-minded. Best of all is that when you attend your dream university in the US/UK you already know at least one person that you can reach out to if you have any concerns.

9. They are your greatest champions

Crimson mentors are dedicated advocates for your achievements and will be there for every step of the way. Similar to a proud parent, Crimson mentors get very excited about the big and small wins you make. They know the blood, sweat and tears (and determination) that you have gone through to be able to achieve the application goals you have. Not to mention when it comes to the offers being released from US/UK universities! On admission day you will hear the cheers echoing loud and proud, around the global Crimson community.

10. You are never alone

Sometimes, when attending a school where other students have different goals to yourself, the process can feel lonely and alienating. Crimson mentors understand that having big dreams isn’t always easy - once again largely because they once dreamed big themselves. At Crimson, you are never alone. Your team of supporters will act as a family, ready to calm you down or lift you up or simply share a laugh when it is needed.

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