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How to Write The Perfect Personal Statement 2021

What do winning college application essays look like, and how do you write one that lifts you above the competition?

Writing your personal statement for world-leading universities can be one of the most difficult parts of the process. Deciding what to write about and how to write about it in a compelling way is perplexing for many high school students!

That’s why we’ve compiled this eBook complete with expert tips and real examples of Common App and UCAS essays written by Crimson students who successfully gained admission to the Ivy League, Oxbridge and many other top universities in the US and UK.

Need some guidance and inspiration? Look no further.

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Learn how to write a personal statement that stands out

Admissions officers at top US and UK universities only spend a few minutes reading the application essay you will have spent many hours writing. So how do you make sure it’s memorable, compelling and delivers the message they’re looking for from top applicants?

The perfect personal statement differs depending on where you apply — in the US, admissions officers look for more creativity and reflection in the essay, whereas UK admissions officers look for more analytical and academic statements. 

To learn more about what makes a successful essay for the Common App or UCAS, download our eBook which features exclusive tips from two of our expert Crimson strategists:

  • Gabe Gladstein, a Harvard graduate and US admissions expert 
  • Abbi Colwyn, an Oxford and LSE graduate and lead UK strategist

Then read through 24 successful application essays that helped earn our students admission to some of the world’s best universities.

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