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Your Journey to Medical School

Discover how MedView can help you on your journey to medical school
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Why MedView

MedView surrounds you with a team of experts to develop your candidacy and prepare for medical school. Our UCAT services consist of:

  • Customised holistic guidance: instruction tailored to your specific education goals
  • Learning Modules: thorough strategies to prepare for every section of the exam
  • Simulated practice with feedback: Questions, tests, and feedback to replicate the actual UCAT exam
  • Education Coordinator: easily schedule online instruction with your tutor and access progress reports along your whole journey
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MedView's UCAT students are 5x more likely to receive an interview offer

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Customised Guidance

Instruction tailored to your specific education goals

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Learning Modules

Thorough workflows to prepare for every section of the exam

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Simulated Practice

Questions, tests, and feedback to replicate the actual UCAT exam

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Constant Support

Easily schedule online instruction with your tutor

Undergraduate Medicine What You Need

High School Grades

In Australia and the UK, early preparation begins with subject selection in high school. While subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and English may scale well in a student’s application to medical school, it is advisable that students choose subjects that they are passionate about.


The UCAT is a two-hour standardised, computer-based exam, designed to assess the suitability of candidates to study undergraduate medicine in Australia. Suitability is measured through an assessment of a student’s critical thinking capacity, emotional intelligence and non-verbal reasoning. The sections of the exam are Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Situational Judgement. In the UK high school students sit the BMAT which is a test to assess a students aptitude and skills, scientific knowledge and written abilities. Performance for both the UCAT and BMAT is measured by a student’s percentile score - how many questions answered correctly relative to all other candidates.


The medical interview is your last step towards achieving your goal of becoming a doctor. During the MMI, each student spends between eight to ten minutes at each station, of which there are eight. Students have two minutes of reading time per station, with the remaining six to eight allocated as interview time.

Aiming for undergraduate medicine? Speak to an Academic Advisor for free today!


Your MedView Roadmap to Medical School

Start your holistic preparation by speaking to a MedView Academic Advisor!

Leading up

MedView surrounds the student with a team of experts to help them develop their candidacy and prepare for medical school, including application and academic mentoring, exam and interview tutors, simulated online practice on our bespoke platform, Synapse, education coordinators and extracurricular and leadership opportunities


Spend 2 hours a week studying for the UCAT exam - 1 hour reading topical affairs and 1 hours covering core UCAT on our bespoke learning platform, Synapse. MedView's UCAT tutoring is the highest yield way to study for the UCAT, especially alongside MedView's Summer UCAT course, you are on track to success!


Register for the UCAT! The UCAT can be sat in Year 13 and your first year of university. This is a good opportunity for Year 13 students to give it ago and become familiar for the following year Sit a practice exam to see how you're tracking. MedView practice exams are delivered on a platform designed to replicate the real UCAT in terms of question, quality, breakdown, timing and delivery

March & April

Take time over the holidays to think about which university you would like to attend Sit a diagnostic test and find out how you're tracking for the UCAT exam. Our diagnostic exams are sat on our bespoke learning platform, Synapse. MedView's Education Coordinators and top tutors will then help you understand what is required to improve and what would best suit your needs

March, April & May

Take the MedView UCAT Long Course. This course is designed for high school students who want to develop their UCAT knowledge base over time to become autonomous with a slower introduction to the UCAT


Mid-May UCAT registrations close Get serious about tutoring - make sure you're doing 4-6 hours of study a week, 2-3 of these with a tutor and 2-3 of questions bank content. The intense MedView UCAT curriculum ensures you are prepared for every possible subsection on the UCAT


Crush the UCAT by preparing with MedView's UCAT Winter Course This course is perfect - study hard with a small group of other UCAT sitters, and with the help of a top 1% UCAT test-taker. The practice exam with predicted percentiles is an excellent opportunity to track your UCAT journey progress


Sit the UCAT exam! Leading up to the exam sit mock UCAT exams through MedView's bespoke online platform Synapse, and see our best prediction of how you'll do on the day

August & September

Applications open for medical school in August and close in September MedView application mentoring delivered by our top tutors means you can craft the perfect application letter


Interview invitations released Start your Interview preparation with a MedView Interview Course and ace the final hurdle in your journey to medical school. This course will breakdown all possible question modules, how to answer them and simulate real interview scenarios

December & January

Interviews take place! Interview structure differs depending on the university. The most common is the MMI (Multiple Mini Interview) comprised of eight, ten minute stations

January & February

Offers Released #ACCEPTED!

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MedView Events & Webinars

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