Preparing for GAMSAT

31 AUG 2020

For more information on the GAMSAT exam check out our Quick Guide, which takes a deep dive into how to prepare for each section of the exam.

Getting into postgraduate medicine unfortunately isn’t an easy or simple process. This blog is designed to help you navigate the application to sit the GAMSAT to make sure you can spend more time focusing on preparing for the exam.

GAMSAT Sittings

If you have completed a Bachelor of honours degree, or if you are going to be in your penultimate or final year of study, then you are eligible to take the GAMSAT exam.

The GAMSAT exam can be sat twice a year - March and September. However, if you are planning on sitting the GAMSAT and using your results straight away, note the results from the 4 examination cycles prior to your May application deadlines are eligible to be used in your application. There is a strategy as to when to sit the exam. Speak to an Academic Advisor to find out more information


Depending on when you take the exam, you GAMSAT results will be released in either May or November, and will consist of four scores: three section scores marked out of 100, and an overall score which is a weighted average of your section scores.

The cut-offs scores vary each year and between universities, but to give yourself the best chance of admission, you want to score in the mid to high 70s. Isabella, an Alumni of MedView, used the GAMSAT Comprehensive Package and improved her score by 30 points! Shop it here today!

How to Apply

In order to sit the GAMSAT you must register on the specified dates as listed on the ACER website. It is important to note that although there are two sittings per year, the September sittings are not run in certain locations such as in New Zealand. The test occurs on both weekdays and weekends and takes approximately 9 hours to complete on the day. To sit the exam it will cost $505AUD which includes a small question book which will give you a taste of what to expect. Most students have to sit the GAMSAT more than once in order to get a score eligible for medical school, and we want to make sure you don’t have to spend $505 to register twice. Save time and money with MedView’s GAMSAT products today!


GEMSAS is the Graduate Education Medical Schools Admissions Systems consortium responsible for GAMSAT admissions which includes a combination of almost all universities - excluding Flinders, Bond, Monash and Sydney

If you apply through GEMSAS you list your 6 preferred universities and you will be offered a maximum of one interview, which is an interview at your highest preferenced university that you are eligible for.

Exam Day

On exam day make sure you have a huge breakfast because you have a big day ahead. Also pack lunch, because it takes the stress away of having to find a cafe on the day. You will be required to report to your selected test centre by 8.15am but make sure to check your admission ticket beforehand to make sure.

You will need to also bring photo identification. This can include a passport, drivers licence.

You will be sitting the exam for a total of 5.5 hours, 25 minutes of reading time and 1 hour for lunch between section two and three.

Final Thoughts

The GAMSAT exam is daunting enough, don’t let the preparation around it be too Shop MedView’s GAMSAT products or Speak to an Academic Advisor for free today to get yourself up for guaranteed success!

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