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Want a head start for Ivy League preparations? 🎓

Join a revolutionary program designed specifically for 11-14 year old students, aimed at enhancing their profiles and maximizing their chances of admission to their dream university.

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Meet Crimson Rise!

The world’s first profile-building and skills development program for students aged 11-14, designed to cultivate your child’s talents for success in secondary school, university, and beyond.

Aiming to prepare for uni admissions? 🏆🎓

Start early, and kickstart your admissions journey with the Admissions Accelerator!

Our Admissions Accelerator program is designed for high-octane students who are personally invested in learning and growth. We provide expert guidance and support to help you build a strong profile and contextualize university admissions.

Our program is tailored to your unique needs and goals, and includes the following services:

Extracurricular and Leadership (ECL) mentoring
Strategy Consulting

Extracurricular and Leadership (ECL) mentoring
Capstone Project

Extracurricular and Leadership (ECL) mentoring
Externship With Top Company

Extracurricular and Leadership (ECL) mentoring
Consults With Field Experts

Extracurricular and Leadership (ECL) mentoring
US/UK Admissions Jumpstart Course

Extracurricular and Leadership (ECL) mentoring
Exclusive Extracurriculars

What you'll get from the Rise Admissions Accelerator Program? 🏆

Here are some of the top benefits and outcomes you can expect:

  • Complete a capstone project and get online coverage for it
  • Develop a personal elevator pitch for top university applications
  • Get a unique 1-month work externship with companies like Amazon, Uber, or the Economist
  • Draft your first personal statement for university admissions essay
  • Complete a 1-page professional résumé for summer and internship applications
  • Get comprehensive support in completing 1+ online or advanced courses with certificates of completion in curricula like AP, A-level, or edX
  • Start university research together, including a long-term plan
  • Prepare a list of 3 careers of interest, including required skills and prerequisite degrees
  • And more…
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Rise Student Pim

Pim W. Rise Student 2020-22

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Kiara Rise Student 2020-22

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Astrid C. Rise Student 2020-21

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Liya Rise Student 2020-22

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