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The Insider's Guide to Choosing a High School: Which Path is the Best For Your Teen?🎓

Are you a parent of a middle schooler wondering which high school path will provide the best foundation for your child's future success? This in-depth e-book is designed to help you navigate this important decision with care and confidence, exploring the pros, cons, and unique opportunities of public, private, boarding, and homeschool tracks.

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The Insider's Guide

Demystifying High School Choice: 4 Paths to the Ivy League

Admission to elite universities requires a strategic blend of academics, extracurriculars, and character; and selecting the right educational setting for your child is crucial — especially for parents of middle schoolers contemplating the best high school choices for their child. Our comprehensive ebook demystifies the educational pathways that lead to Ivy League acceptance, providing a holistic view of preparatory education in the United States.

Our insights are designed not only to help you select the right high school but also to ensure that your child's high school experience is enriching, supportive, and aligned with their personal, academic and post-high school goals.

Premium Access: Get insider access to a handpicked list of top US high schools, curated by seasoned boarding and day school admissions strategist.

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Choosing the Right Foundation for Future Leaders

Selecting the right school for your child isn't just about prestige—it's about finding a place where their academic and personal growth can thrive. Our comprehensive ebook explains four primary high school tracks, providing a critical assessment of their academic rigor, extracurricular offerings, college admissions advantages, and overall experience of each.

Here's what you'll find in the e-book:

A Deep Dive of the 4 Main High School Tracks. Learn about the unique benefits of each track and how they align with your child's interests and goals.

Understanding the adolescent brain and how it affects learning in students ages 11-14
Boarding School Track

Get the inside scoop on boarding schools. This in-depth look delves into whether this elite path is truly the golden ticket to the Ivies. Examine their distinctive advantages and decide if the unique experience is right for your teen.

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Private School Track

Keeping your child close to home, private schools offer a robust array of educational opportunities. Discover their stand-out benefits including unparalleled academic rigor, small class sizes, and personalized attention, allowing students to thrive.

Public School Track

Leverage your hometown resources through drive and dedication. Learn how to leverage resources such as honors/AP courses, sports, clubs, and volunteering to build an impressive profile for college applications through this grassroots approach.

Home School Track

Take the wheel of your tween's education. Find an approach that works for your child, from online schooling to homeschool co-ops, while enabling your child to experience academic rigor along with rich extracurricular pursuits.

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Audrey Thorne

Meet Audrey Thorne (Harvard M.Ed.), U.S. Boarding & Day School Admissions Strategist

  • Audrey has graduated with honors from Harvard University with a Bachelor's degree in English in 2019.
  • She then became a Teaching Fellow at Harvard, pursuing a Master's in Education. 
  • With over 10 years of experience in private and university admissions, Audrey has helped many international students gain acceptance to top schools such as The Spence School, Horace Mann, Northwestern University, and Georgetown University, and more!
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