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Optimizing Your Profile for Merit-Based Scholarships (US) with Duke FAO Sonam Aidasani

Dive into the secrets of securing merit-based scholarships and gain insights directly from Duke's former admissions officers into what truly makes an application stand out!


Saturday, March 9


9:00 am CST


Zoom, Online Webinar



Hear directly from a former Duke Admissions Officer as we reveal what truly catches an admissions officer's eye in a sea of applicants.

Join us to explore every facet necessary for a standout application, including:

  1. Merit-Based Scholarships vs. Need-Based Financial Aid: Unravel the differences and understand how to leverage your application for each type.
  2. Academic Excellence and Standardized Testing: Learn how your academic choices and test scores weigh into your scholarship opportunities.
  3. Extracurriculars and Honors: Find out how to showcase your extracurricular activities and honors in a way that elevates your application.
  4. Crafting Compelling Essays & Acing the Interview: Dive into strategies for writing essays that resonate with scholarship committees and prepare for interviews with confidence, knowing what questions to expect and how to present yourself.
  5. Application Walkthrough: Experience a detailed walkthrough of a successful merit-based scholarship application, providing you with a blueprint for success.

Our speaker will also answer your questions LIVE throughout the presentation!


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Born and raised in St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, Sonam graduated from Duke University with a BA in Sociology & Education and subsequently worked in their Office of Undergraduate Admissions as a Senior Admissions Officer. She read and evaluated almost 10,000 applications from a dozen states and territories and managed the application process for students applying to Duke's Pratt School of Engineering. In addition to being a former AO, she has advised hundreds of students from all backgrounds through the college admissions and financial aid processes. Her students have gained admission to highly selective national universities and liberal arts colleges across the USA, such as Yale, UPenn, Cornell, WashU in St. Louis, Duke, Brown, Emory, UC-Berkeley, University of Southern California, UNC-Chapel Hill, Wellesley, Hamilton, Middlebury, Macalester, Oberlin, and Reed.

Sonam Aidasani