Early Action & Early Decision Results Are Coming!

11/03/20203 minute read
Early Action & Early Decision Results Are Coming!

Admission Letter
It’s been an inspiring journey and a lot of hard work for students all over the world who are applying to US universities this year. Believe it or not, early admission results will be released in the next few weeks!

During this very exciting time, we want to provide you with an accurate list of offer release dates, when you can expect to receive an acceptance letter for early decision or early action decisions!

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Congratulations Class of 2023! #Accepted

School Early Action & Early Decision Notification Date
Amherst College December 15th
Babson College Mid-December/ January 1st
Barnard College Mid-December
Boston College December 25th
Boston University December 15th
Brandeis University December 15th
Brown University Mid-December
Cal Tech Mid-December
Carnegie Mellon University December 15th
Colgate University ED I: December 13th in the evening
Columbia University December 13th after 7 pm
Cornell University December 10th at 7 pm
Dartmouth College Mid-December
Davidson College December 15th at 10 am
Duke University December 15th
Emory University December 12th at 6 pm
George Washington Univ. Mid-December
Georgetown University December 15th
Hamilton College December 15th
Harvard University Mid-December
Harvey Mudd December 15th (decisions mailed)
Johns Hopkins University December 14th at 3 pm
Middlebury College December 8th at 8 am
MIT December 15th at 12:15 pm
New York University December 15th
Northwestern University December 15th
Notre Dame University Mid-December
Occidental College December to February
Pomona College By December 15th
Princeton University December 12th after 7 pm
Southern Methodist University December 4th at 7 pm
Stanford University December 7th at 4 pm
Swarthmore College By December 15th
Syracuse University January
Tufts University Mid-December
Tulane University November 19th at 4 pm (Early Decision)
University of Chicago Mid-December (Early Action and Early Decision)
University of Michigan By December 24
University of Pennsylvania December 13, 2018 at 7 pm
University of Virginia January 31st
Vanderbilt University December 15th
Vassar College ED I: Mid-December
Washington University in St. Louis Mid-December
Wellesley College Mid-December
Williams College By December 15th
Worcester Polytechnic Institute December 20th
Yale University December 14th after 5 PM