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NYU Stern Opens Gateway to Finance and Tech

We spoke to Jen about mentorship at NYU, work experience in Finance and Law, and a future career in tech.

A Snapshot of Jen's story

Jen Wright has always taken a passionate interest in social impact work, having led UNICEF initiatives like Dine Below the Line, and starting UNICEF Youth For Change as New Zealand’s ambassador during her final years of high school. While pursuing the joint BS/MS at New York University where she majored in Finance, Jen dived into Finance studies at the #5 ranked university for undergraduate business programs*, NYU Stern. The university was made famous for its pathways into investment banks, venture capital funds and hedge funds. We spoke to Jen about the world-class mentoring she has received from other women in Finance, and the ‘pay it forward’ culture at NYU Stern that makes networking across New York City and around the world, second to none. Learn more about:

  • College Life
  • Internship and Work Experience Opportunities
  • A Return on Investment

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