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MedView - Australasia's top advisory service for post-graduate med school applicants

From graduation to the GAMSAT

With a degree in-hand, taking the next step towards medical school is a lot easier, especially with the unrivalled expertise of MedView.

Our GAMSAT tutors have some of the highest scores ever achieved in the exam, and their goal is to help you achieve the same. Explore GAMSAT FAQs, or get in touch to book to learn more about MedView’s GAMSAT services.

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Learning Modules

Thorough workflows to prepare for every section of the exam

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Customised Guidance

Instruction tailored to your specific education goals

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Constant Support

Easily schedule online learning sessions with your advisor

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Simulated Practice

Questions, tests, and feedback to replicate actual GAMSAT exam

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Why is MedView the best at GAMSAT prep?

MedView tutors take a comprehensive approach to your study plan. All of our tutors are recent medical school graduates, and as such, the knowledge and advice they provide comes from first-hand experience.

MedView matches you with advisors who are able to structure your roadmap most effectively and understand your individual needs. Learn more about sitting the GAMSAT here.

Check out the best ways to prepare for the GAMSAT

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Ready to start your medical school journey?

Speak to one of our top ranked advisors who can help you start your journey to medical school.