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A special EC activity with Fortune 500 global companies!🎯

[Global Internship Program]

Aiming for the Ivy League?🌟

🌏Working alongside Fortune 500 companies including Ferrari, The Economist, Amazon, PwC, Dentons, Salesforce, HSBC, and more as a G 9-12 high school student!

What makes Crimson Global Internship Program special?👀 You/your child will get…

  • First-hand experience and practical skills/learning📌
  • Global networks with a diverse range of people🙌
  • 🔎Mentorship from industry professionals at the top companies
  • 📝Referral letter that can be used for the university applications

Boost your/your child’s extracurricular competencies to become the next Ivy League student!✅

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