Class of 2028 Regular Decision Notification Dates

15/02/202419 minute read
Class of 2028 Regular Decision Notification Dates

Ready for university admissions results? It's that time of year when high school seniors anxiously await the outcomes of their hard work. Make sure you don't miss any important dates with our updated guide below. Keep checking your email (including spam folders!) and good luck to everyone awaiting their decisions!

The Class of 2028 Application Cycle: Competitiveness Continues

The class of 2028 continues the trend of heightened competitiveness in college admissions. Many of the nation's most renowned universities have reported record-breaking application numbers and ever-decreasing acceptance rates, providing newsworthy context for the pending release of regular decision admissions notifications February through April.

Mindset and Staying Positive

The weeks leading up to decision day can be filled with both excitement and nerves. It's completely normal to feel anxious about the results. Here are some tips to help you manage the wait:

  • Acknowledge Anxiety: Don't try to bottle up your feelings. Talk to a trusted friend, family member, or counselor about your worries. Simply acknowledging your anxiety can help lessen its intensity.
  • Staying Grounded: It's easy to get caught up in endless speculation, but resist the urge to obsess over every possible outcome. Focus on what you can control — maintain your commitments to schoolwork, stay involved in activities you enjoy, and spend quality time with your support system.
  • Prepare for All Outcomes: While hope is important, preparing for different scenarios can be just as valuable. Be realistic about your chances and embrace the fact that other incredible opportunities exist, regardless of the final decisions..

Remember, even the most qualified students sometimes face rejections. These outcomes don't diminish your worth or negate your accomplishments. Whatever your outcomes in the regular decision notification round, be proud of the effort you've put in, and know that your path to higher education will continue even if it takes an unexpected turn.

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When do Regular Decision Notifications Come Out?

Colleges typically release their regular decision acceptance notifications between late February and early April. The specific release dates can vary significantly among institutions, and may also vary slightly from year to year.

This general timeline allows students sufficient time to make their final college choice before the National College Decision Day on May 1st.

Ivy Day 2024

Ivy Day, when all eight Ivy League schools release their regular decision acceptances, is scheduled for March 28th, 2024, at 7 PM Eastern Time. On that day, thousands of applicants will discover if they have been accepted into one or more of these prestigious institutions.

Remember to closely monitor the colleges' official websites and communications for exact release dates and updates.

Class of 2028 Regular Decision Notification Dates
UniversityClass of 2028 Date (Expected)Class of 2027 Release Date
Boston CollegeLate March, 2024March 21st, 2023
Boston UniversityLate March, 2024March 30th, 2023
Brown UniversityMarch 28th, 2024March 30th, 2023
California Institute of Technology (Caltech)Mid-March, 2024March 12th, 2023
University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley)March, 2024March, 2023
University of California, Davis (UCD)March, 2024March, 2023
University of California, Irvine (UCI)March, 2024March, 2023
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)March, 2024March, 2023
University of California, San Diego (UCSD)March, 2024March, 2023
University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)March, 2024March, 2023
Carnegie Mellon UniversityLate March, 2024March 23rd, 2023
University of ChicagoLate March, 2024March 10th, 2023
Columbia UniversityMarch 28th, 2024March 30th, 2023
Cornell UniversityMarch 28th, 2024March 30th, 2023
Dartmouth CollegeMarch 28th, 2024March 30th, 2023
Duke UniversityMarch 19th, 2024March 29th, 2023
Emory UniversityMarch 28th, 2024April 1st, 2023
University of FloridaLate March, 2024Late March, 2023
Georgetown UniversityApril 1st, 2024April 1st, 2023
University of GeorgiaMid-March, 2024Mid-March, 2023
Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)Mid-March, 2024March 27th, 2023
Harvard UniversityMarch 28th, 2024March 30th, 2023
University of Illinois, Urbana ChampaignMarch 1st, 2024March 1st, 2023
Johns Hopkins UniversityMarch 20th, 2024March 15th, 2023
Lehigh UniversityLate March, 2024April 12th, 2023
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)March 14th, 2024March 14th, 2023
Northeastern UniversityLate March, 2024March 20th, 2023
University of MarylandMid/Late March, 2024March 2023
University of MichiganLate February/Early March, 2024March 19th, 2023
Northwestern UniversityMid/Late March, 2024March 23rd, 2023
New York University (NYU) April 1, 2024March 26th, 2023
University of Notre DameLate March 2024March 17th, 2023
University of North Carolina (UNC)March 31st, 2024March 22nd, 2023
Ohio State UniversityMarch, 2024March 2023
University of PennsylvaniaMarch 28th, 2024March 30th, 2023
Princeton UniversityMarch 28th, 2024March 30th, 2023
Purdue UniversityMid/Late March, 2024March 2023
Rice UniversityApril 1st, 2024March 28th, 2023
University of RochesterLate March, 2024March 2023
Rutgers UniversityMid/Late February, 2024February 2023
University of Southern California (USC)April 1st, 2024April 12th 2023
Stanford UniversityMarch 27th, 2024March 29th, 2023
Texas UniversityMarch, 2024March 2023
University of TexasLate February, 2024February 2023
Tufts UniversityLate March, 2024March 19th, 2023
Vanderbilt UniversityLate March, 2024March 26th, 2023
University of Virginia (UVA)Late March, 2024March 15th, 2023
Virginia Institute of Technology (Viginia Tech)March, 2024March 15th, 2023
University of WashingtonEarly/Mid March, 2024March 2023
Washington University, St. LouisLate March, 2024March 21st, 2023
University of Wisconsin-MadisonMid/Late March, 2024March 2023
Yale UniversityMarch 28th, 2024March 30th 2023

Admission Day Decisions & What to Do Next

The outcomes of university applications can vary depending on the application type and the university's admission policies. Here are the most common outcomes and what to do if you receive each:

  • Offer of Admission: Congratulations! Carefully review any enclosed material, make sure to compare financial aid packages across colleges, and decide on your top choice by the stated deadline.
  • Waitlist: Express your continued interest in attending. Consider sending updated information like a new letter of recommendation or highlighting recent accomplishments. Be patient and understand there's no guarantee of an offer.
  • Deferral: This usually applies for early round admissions, and means you'll be re-evaluated in the regular decision round. Double-check for any instructions given by the university as you may be asked to submit additional transcripts or other documents.
  • Denial: It's understandable to be disappointed. Remember, a denial doesn't reflect your worth. Consider alternative routes like community college, a gap year, or refining your application if you still wish to reapply later.
  • Conditional Offer: Pay close attention to the stated requirements (completing courses, achieving a certain GPA, etc.). Meet these requirements to secure your spot at the university.

Important Note: Each university has its own policies, so carefully read all communications for specific instructions based on your decision outcome.

Final Thoughts

As you anticipate the release of the Class of 2028 regular decision notifications, know that the seeds of success were planted years beforehand. And, if you don't get the outcome you hoped for, shift your focus to other university destinations and opportunities.

Are you seeking early college planning, high school guidance, or expert tips on crating your college essay to build a competitive application? Crimson Education's experienced counselors are ready to help. Schedule your free consultation today and let's work together to ensure you're charting a path to universities that live up to your true potential and highest expectations.

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