Pomona College Admits 757 to Class of 2027

21/03/20237 minute read
Pomona College Admits 757 to Class of 2027

The results are in, and the competition is more fierce than ever! Pomona College in California extended admission offers to just 757 students to the Class of 2027. Among those who have received the good news are students pursuing humanities, natural sciences and social sciences.

Pomona College Acceptance Rate For the Class of 2027

Pomona College released its 2027 admission results on March 17. The California-based university accepted just 757 students into their 2027 class, beating out last year’s acceptance of 736 students.

Pomona’s team of admissions worked tirelessly to interact with over 5,000 students across 650 schools, 35 states, and eight countries through online events.

Pomona Regular Admissions Acceptance Rate
Class of 2025Class of 2026Class of 2027
Total First-Year Applicants 11,62010,663To be announced
Admitted Applicants772736757
Overall Admission Rate6.5%7%~7%

Pomona College Admission Statistics for the Class of 2027

Pomona’s class of 2027 is the most diverse group of students they’ve had yet in Pomona’s history. Of those admitted, 62.5% are domestic people of color, with international students making up 14.3% of the accepted applicants. The accepted students come from 48 states and 50 other countries outside of the United States.

The top states with accepted students are New Jersey, Oregon, Florida, Colorado, Massachusetts, Illinois, California, Washington, Texas, and New York. However, Pomona also accepted students from the United Kingdom, China, Brazil, Singapore, Canada, India, and South Korea. In addition, Pomona accepted nine refugee students from Syria, Congo, and Ukraine as a part of the Global Haven Initiative.

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How Crimson can help you get into Pomona and other top universities

Getting into a top college has become more competitive than ever, as factors like globalization and increased access to admissions information contribute to more applicants. In this highly competitive landscape, seeking assistance from a college admissions advisor can be invaluable. These advisors offer insights to help you stand out and provide personalized guidance to navigate the complex admissions process, ultimately increasing your chances of acceptance into your dream school.

Crimson Education helps thousands of students gain admission to their dream schools. Despite enormous applicant pools and low acceptance rates at top universities, Crimson’s acceptance numbers are increasing! This year, more than 200 of our students were accepted to top universities in the US in the early round alone. Here is a breakdown of Crimson’s early-round numbers.

  • 60+ early admits to the Ivy League, with half of these students accepted into the most competitive: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Columbia
  • 10+ early admits to Stanford and MIT
  • 90+ early admits to the US Top 10
  • A combined 20+ early admits to Duke, U Chicago, Northwestern, and Johns Hopkins.
  • 17 early admits to NYU
  • More than 200 early admits to the US Top 50 universities

As we watch the rest of the Regular Decision acceptances roll in, we’re confident that our students will have another successful year.

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