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Yale University

New Haven, Connecticut


Acceptance Rate

1460 - 1570

Average SAT Score

32 - 35

Average ACT Score

3.7 - 4.0

GPA Aim (top of class)

About Yale University

One of the oldest of the eight Ivy League universities, Yale is a highly regarded, medium-sized, private liberal arts university based in New Haven, Connecticut. The university offers both undergraduate and graduate study with most undergraduate students living on campus. The university is coed and the setting is small city/urban.

A Brief History
A brief history

Founded in 1701, the university was not named Yale until 1718, when merchant Elihu Yale donated 417 books, cloth goods that sold for 562 pounds, and a portrait of King George to the New Haven college.

General info
General information

With a campus spanning 260 acres, Yale is organised into 14 schools: the original undergraduate college, the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and 12 professional schools.

Quick facts about Yale

  • Undergrad degree: 4 year liberal arts
  • Public or Private: Private
  • Setting: Urban
  • Residential Status: Primarily on campus
  • Number of Undergraduates: 6,092 (approx)
  • Number of Freshman: 1,550 (approx)
  • Acceptance Rate: 6.3%
Yale University

Yale By The Numbers

What is Yale's QS World University Ranking?


What is Yale's US News Ranking?


How many undergraduate fields of study does Yale have?


What is Yale's Student-Faculty Ratio?


What percentage of Yale students are international students?


What percentage of Yale students live on campus?


What is the median starting salary of Yale graduates?

$68,472 USD

How many varsity sports teams are there at Yale?


How hard is it to get into Yale?

Very! Yale’s acceptance rate for the most recent Class of 2024 was only 6.5%.

Hear from Crimson student, Akio, who was accepted into Yale's Class of 2023.

Akio’s dream was to gain acceptance to his first choice university, Yale, in the early action round. Working with Crimson, he was accepted and is now a member of Yale’s Class of 2023.


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