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Crimson Education offers personalized support for applicants aiming for top Masters and Doctoral programs in the US and UK. Our expert strategists provide guidance across various fields such as MBA, STEM, Social Science, Humanities, Law, and Medicine.

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Standardised tests

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Interview preparation

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Why Crimson?

With admission rates to some leading US/UK postgrad courses being as low as 4.5%, our experts will help you create a highly personalised narrative that spans every stage/element of your application including:

  • identification of a list of target programs
  • drafting of your statement of purpose
  • editing your CV
  • assisting with your research proposals
  • providing comprehensive interview prep
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Day In The Life of a Stanford MBA student

Want to know exactly what it's like to do a postgrad business degree at Stanford? Watch this Day In The Life video featuring Crimson's own CEO, Jamie Beaton.
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01. University selection strategy

While the postgrad landscape provides a plethora of choice, certain courses/universities are better suited to certain applicants than others.

Crimson’s postgrad strategists will undertake a competitive analysis of your skills and preferred school preferences, after which they’ll work with you to:

  • Match your personal needs and profile to university and program characteristics.
  • Align targeted schools with your personal, educational and career preferences.
  • Craft, edit and build a resume that aligns with your university short list.
  • Through ongoing assessment of your candidacy, revise school lists making sure you reach as high as possible.
01. University selection strategy
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02. Standardised test requirements and training

GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, TOEFL, IELTS…. Crimson’s postgrad entrance exam tutors have completed a range of postgrad degrees, all of them scoring in the top percentiles in their standardised entrance exams. Our postgrad test prep includes: + Targeted test training with Crimson’s expert tutors + Diagnostic and practice tests + Access to Crimson’s test resources, including an endless supply of past papers + Inside knowledge and strategy advice as to when and how many times to take the exam

03. Personal statement and additional essay support

Our experts will work with you to develop application essays that resonate with admissions officers at a particular university and for a particular course.

From brainstorming and planning to editing and reviewing, your carefully chosen mentor will help you build a creatively crafted, personal narrative for all required statements and essays.

01. University selection strategy
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04. Interview Preparation

The postgrad interview acts as a powerful admissions deciding factor, which is why we work intensively with applicants to prepare for, and feel confident with, their ability to perform at their best. Our interview support includes: + Preliminary training — our experts share an insider view into the interview process. + Detailed coaching/ information about the format and common interview questions. + Brainstorming appropriate answers to common technical and behavioural questions. + Mock interviews practice which mimics the actual interview process. + The provision of detailed feedback in order to address any strengths/weaknesses.

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05. Internship and career guidance

In a competitive professional landscape, its important to gain an advantage in the job or internship application process by demonstrating your vision for a clear career pathway.

Your expert mentors will provide you with assistance with the full spectrum of the job/internship application process(es) including:

  • Assessing your existing CV.
  • Providing comprehensive and extensive planning of your submission(s) timeline.
  • Assisting you in building an overarching narrative.
  • Helping you develop a list of best-fit career opportunities based on your desired path/skill-set.
  • Editing your CV in the case of multiple applications.
  • Job/internship interview training, including format information, common questions and mock practice.
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06. Research Guidance

Our Research Proposal Guidance program supports applicants in creating a long-form research article required for submission as a writing sample for US & UK PhDs programs, or select Oxbridge Masters courses. The program includes a range of research support including:

Interested in securing a prestigious postgrad scholarship?

Beyond all the above, Crimson’s postgrad experts can also support you in securing some highly regarded global scholarships. From Rhodes to Marshall, Fulbright to Knight-Hennessy, Commonwealth to Chevening and more, our experts assist with everything from personal statement drafting to CV editing, supplemental essay crafting to scholarship interview prep.

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