The Step-by-Step Strategy Behind Ivy League Acceptances

Dive into the strategy behind US admissions with an exclusive, in-person seminar led by Gabe - the strategist who is one of the only people in the world to have beat the 0.8% acceptance rate and transfer into Harvard.

Sun, March 3rd

13:00-15:00 JST

Tokyo (Partially Hybrid)

Join In Person in Tokyo To Create The Golden Ticket to Your Dream University

Gabe’s key to acceptance lies in his extracurriculars—academic research.

Join this limited seating interactive seminar, where Gabe will help you step by step in crafting such an impressively competitive extracurricular.

Learn how to navigate and present your interests in order to craft a profile that'll make you truly memorable to admissions officers of top US universities!

  • First half: Seminar
  • Second half: Workshop, Live Q&A, Free Talk

※ Those who cannot attend in person will have the option to participate online for the first half only.


  1. Discovering how to select engaging topics for your research
  2. Learning the step-by-step process for writing impactful papers
  3. Receiving personalized feedback to improve your work

※ Pre-registration is mandatory for this event.


Meet Your Speaker

Gabe Gladstein

  • Admissions Expertise: supported hundreds of students in their successful applications to Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and Yale and other top-tier universities.
  • Founder of Indigo Research: Indigo Research is an online research program that opens up research opportunities for high school students, under the guidance of mentors from top professors, PhDs and postgraduates. With a track record of aiding over 700 students in nearly 27 prestigious publications, they also have collaborations with renowned institutions such as the New York Academy of Sciences and the University of California Santa Barbara, granting the opportunity for high school students to earn university credit and publish research.
  • Fields of expertise: Education, Entrepreneurship, Politics, Music

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Date & Time: Sunday, March 3 @13:00-15:00 (JST)