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Learn From a Real Doctor How to Get Into Med School Overseas?

Aspiring doctors in Japan! Come find out from Dr. Dexter, how to navigate your university applications to prestigious medical programs and learn your career options after graduating!

Event details:

May 29th (Sunday) 18:00 ~ 20:00 (JST) // Online

What is the key to being successful in the medical field?

As an aspiring doctor, it is important to know what kind of options you have to become a medical professional!

Are you wondering which medical applications you can apply to overseas as an undergrad student, and what kind of career options you have once graduated?

This is your chance to hear from a successful doctor who knows what it takes for a student in Japan to get into the world’s top medical programs and the differences in the admissions process between Australia, the U.K, and America!

In our upcoming webinar we will cover:

  • An overview of the different entry requirements for medical schools in the UK and Australia.
  • Insider tips on how to ace the different interview processes and standardized tests
  • The different pathways to medical school and the types of jobs and careers available to students in medicine!
  • What kind of jobs will be in demand in the future?

Join our webinar to learn how you can secure your spot at a top medical school, and how to build a successful career in the medical field!


Meet Your Speaker: Dr. Dexter Sim

Dr. Dexter Sim is a medical doctor working at hospitals in the National Health Service, England. Leaving Singapore after 6 years of pre-university education at Raffles Institution, Dexter graduated from the prestigious medicine program at King's College London.

Having excelled in half a dozen medical interviews, he was awarded unconditional offers to prestigious medical schools across Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and England. Now, Dr. Dexter is sharing his first-hand knowledge to help Japanese students achieve their medical school aspirations!


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