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Don’t Give Up On Your Dream to CA/UK/AU Universities!

Can Japanese students attend foreign universities without being in the IB program? The answer is yes!

Date & Time

Saturday, July 9th @13:00-14:30 JST


Virtual (via Zoom Webinar)

The Foundation Program can be your ticket to your dream university!

Japanese high school students are sometimes ineligible to apply to foreign universities. However, there is a perfect program which is called Foundation Program for high school students who want to study overseas with their Japanese high school degree!

The program will provide you with the opportunity to study at top universities in the UK, Canada, and Australia such as UofL, UofM, and UofT. Also, the students can graduate without extra years.

In our upcoming webinar, we will cover

  • What is the difference between Foundation Program and other programs?
  • What is the requirement for the programs?
  • How to prepare and apply for the program?

We will support your dream which is to study overseas! Do not miss the rare opportunity!


Introducing Our Speaker: Mathew Shapiro

  • Crimson Application Strategy Consultant
  • Experience supporting Japanese applicants
  • Supported many students applications to foreign top universities
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