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[Webinar On Demand] Everything you need to know about Undergraduate Academics at Minerva

“More selective than Harvard?” “A college with no campus?” “Living in dorms while traveling across 7 different countries?” This is your chance to learn all about life as an undergraduate student at Minerva!

The most innovative university in the world!

With a 2% acceptance rate last year, Minerva is the world’s most selective university program —even more selective than Harvard! Minerva’s unconventional curriculum has garnered a wave of global interest, including from Japanese media.

In the video we will cover:

  • What is the Minerva curriculum like?
  • What do Minerva students learn and how do they learn it?
  • Where do Minerva students live and study?
  • What is the secret to Minerva’s popularity and selectiveness?
  • How has COVID affecetd college life at Minerva?

And more! Watch our exclusive video where Vivian, head of Minerva admissions in East Asia and Oceania, explores the academics and student life at Minerva.


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