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Nihon Kairali & Crimson Education Partnership

Nihon Kairali and Crimson have partnered to offer Nihon Kairali community members access to counseling support, discounts and benefits in order for members to reach their own personal educational and ultimate career goals.

The world’s leading university admissions consulting company

Crimson assists students in gaining admission to their best-fit universities in the US, the UK, EU, China, Canada, Australia, NZ and more.

Personalized University Support

Whatever help you need, we can provide it. Crimson’s private counseling students typically work with a personalized team of 5-7 mentors, coaching students on all areas of their application strategy. As a Mita student, you are eligible for a discount on Crimson’s services.
01. Crafting an Initial, Highly Individualised Plan
02. Meeting Your Educational Coordinator
University Selection
03. Planning With Your Crimson Strategist
01. Crafting an Initial, Highly Individualised Plan
01. Crafting an Initial, Highly Individualised Plan
Financial aid and scholarship application support
Financial Aid
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  • 04. Working With Your Crimson Team

    Extracurricular & Leadership Advising

    An extracurricular and leadership coach to help you ideate and execute capstone projects, such as starting an NGO, building a business, or starting a club at school.

  • Process 02 - Crimson Education

    University Application List!

    Expert assistance selecting best-fit universities for you to apply to based on your candidacy, preferences, resources, and acceptance rates.

  • Process 03 - Crimson Education

    Tutoring Support

    We offer tutoring for AP, SAT, ACT, MAT, TSE, PAT, BMAT, UCAT, and more.

  • 04. Working With Your Crimson Team

    Essay & Personal Statement Development

    We offer support with brainstorming, planning and editing essays, and ensuring you have crafted a unique personal narrative to differentiate yourself.

  • Process 01 - Crimson Education

    Internship & Career Support

    Obtain a Crimson Internship with companies such as Uber, PwC, Weiss Asset Management and more.

  • 04. Working With Your Crimson Team

    Financial Aid & Scholarship Support

    Guidance on eligibility and how to apply for financial aid and scholarships.

Crimson Student Results

Our students have received 3500+ offers to the world's best universities.

Why Crimson Education?

Crimson’s support is much more comprehensive than traditional services. We pride ourselves on helping students perform at their absolute best by creating a personalized program that ensures they will stand out in their applications, supported by high-level mentors.

Our students can connect with 2,400+ tutors, mentors, and strategists from world-leading universities and are matched by our sophisticated algorithm developed to pair them with a team based on their personality, goals, and learning style.

We have one of the best student support technologies in the world created to help students organize themselves and help stay on track during their admissions journey.


Learn the Benefits of Working with Crimson

Book a consultation from the form below. Talk with an Academic Advisor to further discuss the benefits of working with Crimson and how we can support your academic and career goals!

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