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How to Build an Extracurricular Profile For Top US Universities

Extracurriculars can make a world of difference in your application.

With winter break and new year approaching, learn how you can start to prepare a stellar extracurriculars activities list for your college applications! Start early, as your extracurricular activities list makes a statement to admissions officers about who you are and what matters to you.

Download this eBook to learn all you need to know.

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What do you want your extracurriculars to say about you?

It can be challenging to stand out among thousands of applications with excellent grades and test scores. However, one way to grab the attention of admissions officers is with an extracurricular activities list with activities and leadership roles that are tied together by a common theme that illustrates what’s important to you outside of the classroom.

So how do you strategically build an extracurricular profile that resonates with the admissions gatekeepers?

In this eBook, we’ll answer these questions and many more. Download to learn:

  • Why extracurricular activities matter
  • When and how to get started on your extracurricular profile
  • How to strategically build your Common App activities section
  • Success stories from Crimson students including extracurricular activities examples
Stanford and Yale students

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