When are Early Action & Early Decision Notification Dates for the Class of 2024

Posted 4 months ago

As world leading universities become more competitive, Early Action and Early Decision allow students to gain acceptance into universities without having to wait for regular round, which receives a larger number of applications.

So you have made an Early Action or Early Decision application to your dream university. Now, you are on the home stretch; you’ve decided what universities you want to apply to (and who your early round priorities are), completed your SATs or ACT’s and fine-tuned your ECL portfolio.

You have spent hours drafting, redrafting and completing your personal and supplemental prompt essays, it has been a journey and you are almost across the finish line. All that’s left to do is leave it to the admissions powers-that-be and know that you’ve done everything you possibly can.


So, what are the next key dates in your US university application journey?

For those students who submitted their Early Action or Decision applications in November, the good news there is not long to wait. While early round notification dates vary from university to university, and some institutions, including the Ivy League don’t release their dates until closer to the day, there are some dates you can lock in as to when you will know if you have been accepted.

The good news is, Early Action and Early Decision applications allow students to gain admission to their chosen universities early and at higher admission rates than the regular round (when notifications are posted in March or April). As acceptance rates into USA universities record lower results year on year, the appeal of applying early has increased.

Allie gained admission to Duke University’s Class of 2023 early, after working with Crimson, particularly on perfecting her personal statement. For her, knowing that she had been accepted before the holiday season gave her a huge sense of relief.

US universities want students who want to be there, and early application rounds are the perfect opportunity to get your foot in the door! However, the most important thing to remember is that if you don’t receive an offer in the early round, you can still apply in the regular round. This provides you other opportunities to secure your spot for the Class of 2024.

In the meantime, to help with the wait, we have compiled a list below for the Class of 2024 EA and ED dates! Take a look:

UniversityEA/ED Notification Date
Amherst CollegeDecember 15, 2019
Babson CollegeMid-December 2019
Barnard CollegeMid-December 2019
Boston UniversityDecember 15, 2019
Brown UniversityMid-December 2019
CaltechMid-December 2019
Carnegie Mellon UniversityDecember 15, 2019
Cornell UniversityMid-December 2019
Columbia UniversityMid-December 2019
Dartmouth CollegeMid-December 2019
Duke UniversityDecember 15, 2019
Emory UniversityDecember 15, 2019
George Washington UniversityLate December 2019
Georgetown UniversityDecember 15, 2019
Harvard UniversityMid-December 2019
Harvey Mudd CollegeDecember 15, 2019
John Hopkins UniversityMid-December 2019
New York University (NYU)December 15, 2019
Northeastern UniversityDecember 15,2019
Northwestern UniversityMid-December 2019
Princeton UniversityMid-December 201
Purdue UniversityJanuary 15, 2020
Stanford UniversityDecember 15, 2019
Swarthmore UniversityDecember 15, 2019
Tufts UniversityMid-December 2019
University of ChicagoMid-December 2019
University of MiamiLate December 2019
University of PennsylvaniaDecember 15, 2019
Vanderbilt UniversityDecember 15, 2019
Williams CollegeDecember 15, 2019
Yale UniversityMid-December 2019

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