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Want to increase your chances of getting into Harvard? Apply Early!

MAR 08, 2020

Early Admission Results for the Class of 2024

With the incentive of increasing your chances of being accepted into your first choice university - and securing that spot much earlier than regular round applicants - the competition has only increased for early round applicants to the best US universities.

While regular round application submission deadlines are approaching (early to mid-January), for some students, who were successful in their early round applications, the decision may be whether to accept that early offer or head into regular round to provide yourself more options.

The allure of the early round of course lies with the higher acceptance rates (in the case of Harvard for example, 13.9% in the early action round compared to approximately 4.5% in the regular) so it’s no wonder an increasing number of students are choosing to ‘go early’.

So what do the early admission round results looks like for the Ivy League and other leading US universities for the Class of 2024? Here’s what the latest figures show:
Number of EA/ED Applicants Number of EA/ED students Accepted Class of 2024 Acceptance

Yale 5,777 796 13.7%
Brown 4,562 800 17.5%
Cornell 6,615 1,576 23.8%
Harvard 6,424 895 13.9%
Princeton NA 791 NA
Duke 4,300 887 21%
John Hopkins 2,398 682 28.4%
UPenn 6,453 1,269 19.6%
MIT 9,291 687 7%

Brown University

Accepted a record low 17.5% early decision applicants for the Class of 2024 (down from 18.2% last admission cycle). Brown has seen early admission applications grow by 8% and has experienced a 40% growth over the last three years. Financial aid for the university was a record high with 62% of accepted students gaining some form of financial aid.

Harvard University

For those with Harvard in their sights; it’s great news with the university increasing it’s acceptance rate in early admissions for the first time in six years to 13.9% (up from 13.4% last admissions cycle). In interesting developments for Harvard, they also experienced a decrease of just over 500 students in the number of applicants to the early admissions round from the previous year.

University of Pennsylvania

Following suit with Harvard, UPenn has experienced a 14% decrease in early admission applications compared to the class of 2023. Applications to the university overall have remained consistent year on year. UPenn changed their essay component for the Class of 2024 applicants, where it saw it’s prompt essay divided into two more direct questions after feedback that its previous questions were too broad. International students made up 13% of successful early admit applicants who will be starting at UPenn next year as the Class of 2024.

Princeton University

Princeton has released limited data on the early decision round, however have confirmed that they have made 791 early round offers to the Class of 2024.

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins has reported a 16% increase in Early Decision applicants for the class of 2024. Making offers to 682 students, the university has been impressed with the diversity of students who range from a humanist scholar to a children’s book illustrator.

Stanford University

For those of you who are eager to know the insights into Stanford's numbers unfortunately these may never come to light with 100% accuracy as the university has announced that it will not be reporting on application or acceptance numbers.

Duke University

For the first time in 3 years, Duke has reported an increase in their acceptance rate for their early admission cycle to 21%. Similar to some other universities, Duke reported a decrease in early admissions applicants by just over 500 students.


No surprises here, MIT again recorded a competitive early admission application pool, making offers to 7% of applicants applying. They did note that 73% of applicants have been deferred, meaning that they will be reconsidered in the regular round application process.

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