Find Your Best-Fit US University: Former Duke Admission Officer's Top Tips on College Research

There is more to choosing the best fit school, than just World University Rankings. Join us, as we deep dive into strategies that can help you/your child select the best-fit school for your/your child's university life!

Saturday, April 27, 2024

5:30 AM CUT



The keyword is "Best-Fit School!"

Crafting a balanced school list can be an overwhelming task. To help select your “best fit” schools and start building an ambitious yet practical university list, we have carefully compiled essential questions that you should answer, like:

  • How and when can rankings help me?
  • Should I choose a university that’s reputed in my desired major versus one that’s generally prestigious?
  • How does the university fit into my career planning?
  • Should I apply Early Decision to increase my chances?

and many more such curious questions.

If you want to maximise on the value of your university life, don’t miss on this event.

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Meet your Speaker

Sonam Aidasani

  • Sonam attended Duke University for her undergraduate degree - majoring in Sociology and Education.
  • After her graduation, she became a Senior Admissions Officer with the Duke Office of Undergraduate Admissions where she read and evaluated over 10,000 applications from students across the United States.
  • Sonam has also worked on initiatives with the College Board and ACT.
  • As a Senior Strategy Consultant at Crimson, Sonam has supported students in gaining admission to the best colleges in the country.
Sonam A

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