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Former Harvard Admission Officer & Current Harvard Interviewer in Chennai!

Inviting all Grade 8-11 students, aiming for Top US Universities. Register now for our exclusive, free, in-person event to learn winning strategies for the US university admissions game!

Saturday, March 23, 2024

4:30 AM CUT


Ready to unlock your potential and gain acceptance to the Top US Universities?

Register now to our first 'Getting In: The US Admissions Series' and take your university journey to the next level! The event is a ‘must attend’ for students aiming at Stanford, Yale, MIT, NYU, UCLA, Caltech and more. Our expert speakers will give you the edge you need to stand out and succeed in the competitive world of college admissions. Don't let the challenge hold you back - take the first step towards your dream today!

Secrets from the US Admissions' Room

Register now for our exclusive, free, in-person event to learn winning strategies for the US university admissions game!
  • Learn How to Craft a Standout Application - Receive expert guidance and advice on how to create a competitive university application and stand out from other applicants
  • Latest Admissions Trends & Analysis - Discover the latest updates and trends in the US university admissions landscape
  • Insights from Former Admissions Officers & Experts - Insights and knowledge about the US university admissions process from former insiders and experts
  • Receive expert guidance on how to stand out in crucial criteria such as extracurriculars, personal narrative development, and essay writing.

Limited Seats Available!


Register now for this free, in-person event and kickstart your journey to top US universities!

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Our students' acceptance results

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About Crimson Education

Crimson Education is the world's leading college admissions consultancy, helping students gain admission to top universities such as the Ivy League, Stanford, MIT, Duke, UC Berkeley, and UCLA at a rate 4.5 times higher than the general applicant rate. Founded in 2013, Crimson Education serves as a launch pad — equipping students worldwide to overcome barriers of geography and legacy to compete on the global stage.


Of our students have received offers from the Ivy League


Of our students have received offers to the US Top 10


Our students have received offers from schools in the US Top 50


Of our students have received offers to Oxford or Cambridge


Keynote Session

Speaker: Kunal Mehra, CEO & Managing Director - Crimson Education India

About the session:

In his keynote speech, Kunal Mehra will provide insights about what the current admissions landscape for top US universities looks like, explaining why thousands of students each year, from around the world aspire to be accepted into universities such as Stanford, Yale, Columbia, MIT and more!


🇮🇳: 9.45am


Your Host: Priyanka Mehta

About the session:

In our welcome session, our host Priyanka will provide some insights into the current admissions trends and Crimson students' results.


🇮🇳: 10.00am

Decoding the Admissions Game

Speaker: Benito N. Rodriguez

About the session:

Benito Nishizawa Rodriguez, Former Harvard Admissions Officer and Current Harvard Interviewer, will walk you through the most recent trends and changes in this year's admissions landscape, as well as share his insights and strategies to help you prepare for the future.

If your main goal is to be accepted at top US universities, prepare yourself to receive relevant insights on how the Ivy League and other top schools fill out their classes and how you can prepare for the application process.


🇮🇳: 10.15am

Ivy League Admissions Committee

Speaker: Benito N. Rodriguez

About the session:
In this exciting session, Benito - Current Harvard Interviewer will create a mock admissions committee with the audience. Students and Parents will get a taste of how Admissions Teams screen applications and how they decide who gets #accepted!


🇮🇳: 10:30am

Expert Panel Discussion & Live Q/A

Panelists: Benito N Rodriguez, Kunal Mehra, Pranay Raj Kapoor & Successful Crimson Students

Moderator: Ashwin Malik

About the session:
Bring all your burning questions in this supercharged panel discussion.


🇮🇳: 11:00am

Tea Break

After a short tea break, we will start our next session.


🇮🇳: 11:30am - 12.00pm

How to Build an Ivy League Worthy Personal Brand?

Speaker: Pranay Raj Kapoor

About the session:

Time to apply everything you have learnt from insights shared by Benito, in his seminar. Join Pranay - UPenn alum and Extracurricular Strategy Consultant at Crimson and learn - how other students are maximising their high school experience to build a strong and unique narrative in their application.


🇮🇳: 12:00pm

Networking with Crimson Team


🇮🇳: 1:00pm - 1.30pm

This event schedule is subject to change - sessions can be updated as we get closer to the event :)

Saturday, 23 March 2024

To be shared after registration

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