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[New Year 2024 Resolution] Kickstart Your Journey to the Ivy League or Oxford/Cambridge!

Are you an ambitious Grade 8-11 student in Ranchi, aiming for top universities such as Stanford, MIT, Yale, Oxford, or Cambridge? Join our seminar in your city and learn everything you need to start your new year right!

Sunday, February 4, 2024

6:30 AM CUT

Chanakya BNR Hotel, Station Rd, Ranchi

Attention to all ambitious Grade 8-11 students in Ranchi!

✓ Maintaining full mark scores

✓ Being a student leader at school

✓ Won a gold medal in an Olympiad

Does the list above look familiar? Yes, those are typical achievements of successful students.

But here’s the secret: Even if you have perfect grades and truly outstanding extracurriculars, there is still no guarantee you'll get accepted to your dream university.

We can help you beat the system!

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Only 30 Seats Available!

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Seminar Highlights

Join our workshop and learn about: + Ivy League or Oxford/Cambridge: Discovering which universities will fit you best. + Crafting a personal roadmap toward your dream university. +Building a profile fit for Ivy League and Oxford/Cambridge from grade 8 onwards + How other successful students made it to top universities in the US & UK + Live Q/A with our Admissions Experts

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