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Stand Out from the Pack: Crimson Expert's 5 Top Tips to Help Your Child Maximise Their December School Break!

Calling All IB and A-Level Students and their Parents in Pune, for an exclusive seminar, with our Extracurriculars & Leadership Expert!

Saturday, December 16, 2023

6:30 AM CUT

Radisson Blu Hotel, Pune

for parents of all grade 8-11 students

Help Your Child Maximise Their Winter Break for a Competitive Edge for Top US & UK University Apps!

Extracurriculars count for up to 30% of your child's application and most students in India engage in the same three extracurriculars: music, sport and cookie-cutter community service. We’re not saying that these aren’t achievements - but will these set your child apart from the masses and make a weary admissions officer sit up and pay attention??

Join our in-person seminar to hear Crimson's Extracurricular & Leadership Expert's Top 5 Tips on how you can help your child make the most of their school holidays to stand out from the pack, in an exciting workshop!

PS: Giveaway of Crimson's Admission Officers Top Tips to Build Stand Out Extracurriculars & Leadership Projects to students who attend the seminar!

crimson education
crimson education

Only 30 Seats Available!

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