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Crimson and Summer Discovery

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Crimson + Summer Discovery

What We Do

We believe that college admissions are more than just essays, so we help students build all aspects of their life from academics and testing, to extracurriculars and leadership development.

Develop your personal university roadmap
Admissions Consulting

Stand out from the crowd with elite mentoring from strategists that have successfully helped students get into the world's top universities.

Standardized test tutoring
Standardized Test Tutoring

Receive tutoring and support on standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, SAT IIs, and AP/IB exams.

Leadership Mentoring
Leadership Mentoring

Build your extracurricular profile by launching leadership initiatives that will help you stand out to college admissions officers.

Essay Review
Essay Review

Feel confident preparing personal statements and supplemental essays through brainstorming, editing, and finalizing the perfect narrative.

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Why Crimson?

Crimson’s support is much more comprehensive than traditional services. We pride ourselves on helping students perform at their absolute best by creating a personalized program that ensures they will stand out in their applications, supported by high-level mentors.

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How We Support Our Students

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